Picto-blorganization Part Many

Or something. Hey! A quick note to you JSF Junkies, Pooooooooostdated! Check out the new squidgie rice cakes. Fun? Evil? Amusing? Yes! Anyway, here are more fun pics of our living room remodeling, this time the other side of the room.

Next on the list of organization was assembling the six foot more appropriately cubby sized knick knack shelves. They are on the opposite side of the other smaller shelf and also provide a stand for more lights.

This is the right shelf, which sits on the right side of the window. Good naming eh? Both shelves sort of have the same kind of theme on each shelf (for instance, the first cubby is the stuffed guys cubby and so on) but I’m going to drag this picture thing out yet another entry because I am way too lazy to upload all the pics. Plus, it makes it look like I’m regularly updating. Tricks me trade! So to start things out on the right shelf: From the Top!

Here we have another light doing its light thing, an air fern (which I always want to chant “Aiiiiir ferrrnnnn, Aiiiiir ferrrnnnn” at like it I was at a basketball game), a vase with a glass rose TheMan got me one Valentine’s Day and a hanging stained glass dragon thing we picked up at Art Fair two years ago. I think this shelf is the shelf with two snapped screws holding the top down. A word to the Do-it-yourselfers: Torque control is your friend

The next shelf down has mostly my Beenie Baby Fonts but there are also a couple non TY tagged fellas too. That one with the drippy off the shelf leg is Nutzo Elephant (It says so right on the paw) which I got for Christmas from my dad’s second exchange student. The towelfont from the cruise is also hanging about and I do believe there are a couple others all squashed in the arrangement. It sure did depopulate the couch critters sticking all the fonts into a cubby. Does this mean I can’t get any more fonts, or I have more room on the couches for more fonts?

You know, if they made sake sets with more than four glasses I wouldn’t have to have four different sets of them. Of course I wouldn’t have the cool variations that I do have and they arrange themselves well as “art”. The white set is TheMan’s, the green set is from Dirge and Shar.

The green set also houses the Micropeeper. He hangs out nicely in the cup. There is also a penguin and a Matrioski doll (which I know I have spelled totally wrong and always wind up calling Mariachi dolls anyway) I got in Sitka, Alaska.

Shelf Three and candle deelie-ma-boppers. The stained glass looking ones are Party-light extravaganza votive and tea light holders which are very pretty but a tad pricey. Still, they look awfully nice when they are lit so in this case I don’t mind having spent the dough. I only wish I could go back and tell myself “Self, the big one rocks but the smaller ones? Eh. Save your cash. Oh, and buy an extra votive holder insert for that one day when the candle wick falls over and the glass holder explodes.” Sound advice for any occasion I think. There are also some plain glass tea light stubby holders lurking around in back. Next time the east coast electricity goes down, we are set!

I cheat. This is the fourth and bottom shelf which both contain books. I had a different and fuzzier shot I took yesterday when we hadn’t yet rampaged through the Ars Magica stash and the shelf looked much more commanding, if a bit blurry. Now it looks like a rather pathetic gamer’s shelf but only because half of the books are somewhere else and not back on the shelf. I ought to go figure out where they have gotten off to and rehouse them, after all they have a home now. The bottom shelf is a catchall shelf for books we use a lot or whatever. I think our wine log lives there and some pads of plain paper and other things too boring to mention.

Wasn’t this just a scintillating entry? Are you just aquiver to read about left shelf? I bet you are! Heh. OK, I’m going to call this good and go take a nap. Tcheuss!

Last year at the booniverse: We then went on for about five minutes with big assed silly and slightly scary teethy grins on our faces. Look! I’m Mr. T Tall Teeth! *GRINS*

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