There Are Five Tomatoes!!!

Monday Monday Monday! Already today I’ve squirtched myself in the face with the garden hose and with coffee when I ripped the tab off of my lid. Today can only get better.

Tomatoes! I has them! Not on any of the hanging tomatoes though (which I really will get a picture of because my tomatoes are awesome in their Terminator-esque hanging rig. I just sort of wish they’d stop asking if I was Sarah Connor every time I go out to water them). My 5 tomatoes are all on the ground based plants and I’ve totally forgotten which were big ‘maters and which were cherry tomatoes. I am assuming the one single tomato is a large ‘mater and the ones that are growing in a cluster (two clusters of two) are cherry tomatoes. We shall see but still…TOMATOES!

I also have about 5 little squash babies on a plant that is about the size of a deflated basketball. I guess I got the homebody variety of winter squash but hey…squash is tasty and if all 5 squash babies grow up big I won’t have very far to go to pick them. I also have peppers, but you knew that. What you may not have known is that I cleared out more garden behind the house and then planted the rest of the random peppers there. I figured that the random peppers needed to go in the ground and there was nothing going in the garden this year anyway so peppers it is!

I really need to deadhead my roses something fierce.

Friday! We went out for Chinese food except I got Pho (which is Vietnamese I think) and it was…meh. They had seafood Pho which came in a giant serving bowl but only had about 2 shrimps, 2 k-crabs, 2 scallops and about 3 or 4 pieces of thin sliced BBQ pork. The rest was bean sprouts and noodles and broth. The broth was tasty but they put cilantro in it and YUCK! I guess now I can say I’ve had Pho and move on. We did nothing else on Friday but loaf and go to bed early.

Saturday I got up early to go to the farmer’s market but it was raining pretty enthusiastically. So I went back to bed and woke up later when it was drier. TheMan and I headed out to get eggs and bacon but the egg guy wasn’t there (sold out? Didn’t come? Rained out? Don’t know but I needed eggs and he wasn’t there!) so we walked back to the house all dejected and eggless. I think I got a bit too much sun, although we weren’t out for long…except I wasn’t wearing my hat on account of it being in the laundry and I forgot to sun block my face. We were only out for maybe a half hour, 40 minutes tops and BAMN! I was an exhausted mess when we got home. I needed eggs to do deviled eggs for the Lady Food Blogger’s Picnic but I was dead. DEAD! I took a nap but that only made me slightly less dead. Meh! Ergo, I called and cancelled and slept the rest of the day away. I suck. We did wind up going to the Brew Pub at 6 or 7ish but one beer took me out flat and we came home so I could crash. Which I did. The end.

Oh wait, Sunday. Sunday was way more productive even though I was in my jammers until about 1pm. What? I had plans to murdilate more garden (which I did) and I didn’t want to shower and then have to shower again! I wound up ripping out another 4 feet of garden behind the house while TheMan made progress on the bathroom project (I’m not sure exactly what, but I was hearing all sorts of bumping and sawing noises from outside which lead me to wonder if he wasn’t putting in a second bathroom or something). We celebrated by going to the brew pub because we are awesome. Plus, I only have about 4 more feet of garden to deal with and I’m done with the back yard project. WOOOOOT!

2008: No tomatoes for you.

2007: None here either.

2006: They probably got to the last standing wall and just pushed over all “plipt” into the rest of the pile. Shouldn’t taking down an entire building be destructive or something?

2005: Baby squashes though, but you’ll have to wait 4 years for them.

2004: Peppers? I gots some!

2003: Huh, it hardly seems worth posting today what with not posting ever in the past.

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