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Like anyone reading could even tell if I am or not (unless I have a web cam). Then again, depending on when this is read, I may very well be. That’s the great thing, I can say anything and no one can either confirm or deny it when they read it. Heh. I’m NAKED! Wait, technically I’m always naked under my clothing so maybe it’s true. What, like being dressed excludes being naked? What if you were in bed without jammies? (no – that was JAMMIES Word, not jimmies. Excuse me a moment – there. Moving on) Are you still naked even though you are under the covers? If you are in the house without clothing but the neighbors can’t see you because the house is between you and them, are you still naked? If a tree loses its bark in the middle of a deserted forest is it naked?

So today is Valentine’s day. I woke up with this in mind, remembered that TheMan and I were going out to dinner for VALENTINE’S day, dressed in my favorite skirt and his favorite skirt (fortunately they are the same skirt. That would be bizarre, wearing two skirts. It would be even more bizarre if one was TheMan’s skirt and one was my skirt and I was wearing them both. Nope, it’s all my skirt. “Bizarrer” really needs to be a word), put on my sexy black undies that TheMan likes on me and I even baked a cake with cute little heart shaped strawberries for decoration. All this and I still failed to remember to wear any traditional red in honor of the day. It never even crossed my mind. Even when someone pointed out that *they* were wearing red and *I* was not I was still pretty clueless. Oh wait, red, Valentines Ah ha! So I told them that my undies were red. Hah! Like they are going to check.

Sadly, I could have worn red undies too because I bought a pair of these cute red deelies with black roses as trim a while back. What?? Like you all don’t have cute red undies with black roses. Sheesh! It just never occurred to me to wear them because TheMan likes the black ones better so I wore the black ones. It’s the little pleasures in life you know.

This weekend should be fun. Tonight is the Valentine’s celebration at Paesanos and my gift to TheMan, besides picking up the tab, is letting him drink the three and a glass halvsies of wine this time. Yup, I’m designated driver so tonight my man can get all snockered. I’m still getting the cappuccino caddy tho, wild horses couldn’t stop that purchase. Are you kidding? It comes with a small bowl of brown sugar, a small bowl of cinnamon sticks, a small bowl of real whipped cream AND a small bowl of shaved chocolate. Best cappuccino caddy anywhere. Then sometime Saturday we are going to a movie (Shanghai Knights, I am very excited) and maybe help Rob move more stuff.

Heh, Rob. About a month ago TheMan and I decided to take a Thursday off from all chores and what not and have an “us” night. It seems lately that we get so busy that a good pack of days will go by and we haven’t had any relationship time so we set aside a night here and there and just indulge in us for the evening. Rob called up somewhere in the middle of our evening of fun and asked if we wanted to go to the local pub. TheMan declined, telling Rob we were having a night in while I shrieked from the other room “Did you tell him we were naked?” Oh TheMan does blush and stammer nicely. Rob wasn’t phased too much but it amused me know that now Rob has some sort of picture (that he really probably doesn’t want at all) stuck in his head just by me saying those three words. Of course we could or could not be naked, he has no way of knowing, but the imagination can be a cruel thing. It amused me greatly.

So every time Rob called and I answered the phone I would tell him “blah blah blah oh and we’re naked.” TheMan gets all flustered and blushy still (hee) but Rob is getting blase about it to the point where there is not even an itty bitty reaction anymore. Damn it there goes my fun. I even forgot to mention our state of clothing to him last Saturday when he called and only after he and TheMan had been talking a while did TheMan do that phone aside thing to me and say “Oh, Rob wants you to know you forgot to tell him you were naked.” Heh, OK that was funny again.

Maybe it’s just me. I find it fun sometimes to step in that area no one really wants to step in and do it boldly and blatantly. Even if it’s a huge fib, it’s fun to see people’s reactions. You know, I’m never going to make it in polite society, they are just no fun!

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