What Went Down: Eggs and General Crankiness

Hee, I guess I decided that nothing was really worth writing on Friday, but since it’s Monday I have the entire weekend…to REVIEW! Love Mondays. I’m also loving this particular Monday because the boss, she is out The. Entire. Week. Excuse me a moment…


OK, back.

Boss has been driving me up the wall for the past couple of weeks what with her being stressed and the network crashes and the stress and the family drama and the stress and the this and the stress and the that and the stress. When boss gets a titch stressed, things around here get kind of teeth grating and lately, boss has been dealing with several stress factors so I don’t have any teeth left. My usual plan of attack in this situation is to keep a really low profile but even the best plans can not stop a boss with a mission. When boss has a mission, everyone has a mission and boss often then tells everyone exactly how to proceed with their part of the mission. I suppose I should just sit back and enjoy the ride, after all boss is making an already low thought demanding job even less thoughtful, but I hates it when my creativity gets the kibosh. Boss in a mood leaves very little room for creativity. Creativity is one of the only things that keeps me sane, so boss stressed = one unhappy boo. Wait, a minute…is that the sound of my boss NOT retroactively micromanaging? Why, yes it is.

I’m going to take a moment and listen to the sound that is me doing my work however the hell I want to.

OK, that was fun. I’m going to have to do that again later, I can tell.

On to interesting things! We had another ice cream off on Friday, which was most horribly botched by yours truly. I was aiming for chocolate ice cream with peanut butter cup goodies but I happened to get a little zealous in the label reading. Therefore, we taste tested Edy’s Dreamery chocolate ice cream with PB Cups and Ben and Jerry’s peanut butter ice cream with PB Cups. Eh, whoops. Oddly, I’m going to have to go with the peanut butter ice cream one. Yeah, I know. I’m feeling my forehead for fever as I write, but it was just a good PB ice cream and the PB cups were just the right amount of chocolate. I think TheMan preferred the PB cups in the B&J but the chocolate of the Edys. Either that or the other way around. We will have to do it again with more similar ice creams.

We also watched last week’s SG1 and Atlantis as well as this week’s SG1 and Atlantis (the miracle of video tape! Except we have no more blank tapes and I keep forgetting to buy them when I’m out shopping. Must to remember: V.I.D.E.O tapes) and for the life of me I can not remember what the “live” (versus taped) Atlantis was about. I’m thinking here and coming up with zilch. It’s probably the PB ice cream eating my brain cells, or the fact that I hard boiled 23 eggs and managed to screw up the process so that the shells stuck to the eggs instead of sliding right off. DOAH! I think it was a matter of the water not being cold enough (note to self: use ice next time) and that I didn’t shake and break the shells hard enough. Only 50% of the eggs had cracked shells. BAH! I even roughed my thumb up peeling the bastards but I got them done and quasi prepped for devilment.

Saturday, I deviled eggs! But first, pancakes! TheMan and I were invited to a department picnic potluck (in a department I have been farmed out to, which totally rocks. I love those people) and I signed up to make deviled eggs. The pancakes were just a starter for the morning before I tackled the devilment and lo! Of the two eggs I needed for the pancake batter, both of them were double yolkers! (I can not say “double yolk” without thinking (or saying) “double yolker” and hearing it in a chicken run Rocky voice. I also tend to pat my stomach too, which is disturbing) The pancakes turned out weirdly thick and cake-y but tasty. Afterwards, it was on to egg prep and the hauling out of the mighty JOY OF COOKING. Usually I prefer Betty Crocker, not only because it has shiny! pictures, but because ol’ Betty is all about the simple. You got your list o’ ingredients, a yield, a temp (if needed) and instructions. Where Betty wins for simplicity (no really, I almost went nuts trying to figure out brownies in Joy of Cooking because the ingredients were everywhere and there was all this stuff about stuff and JUST GIMMIE THE RECIPE! ARRRRGH!) Joy of Cooking wins for the “How do I do that anyway” questions. Plus, Joy has some weird stuff that you can’t necessarily find in a regular cook book. Betty will tell you how to make buttermilk pancakes, Joy will tell you what to do if you find you don’t have any buttermilk.

Anyway, I went to town halving the eggs and getting things ready and lo! I ran into 5 (five!) more double yolk(ers) eggs! That makes seven eggs from one carton, five of which have not yet been cracked into. CarrrrrrrrAZY! Getting over that bit of weirdness, did y’all know that deviled eggs have Worchester Sauce and vinegar in them? I had no idea but Joy of Cooking said so (and Joy tells me how to make the world’s easiest Key Lime pie (p. 992)) so I trust Joy with all my baking needs. Unless the recipe calls for any more than 4 ingredients and there are stages to making it, in which case I tend to see if any other of the 10,000 cookbooks I have has a version of it. I will admit that I added some ingredients with a bit of trepidation but Joy knows its stuff. Worchester Sauce? Yum! Vinegar? Yum! I made regular Deviled eggs (which are really “stuffed eggs” and spiiiicey deviled eggs (added raspberry wasabi mustard and Thai chili sauce) and they were the BOMB!

The picnic was pretty boss too, after an hour’s drive out to and beyond the middle of nowhere. We ate all sorts of good things, played a little ageing people B-ball (which was mostly us missing the basket a lot but having fun anyway) and managed not to kill the hosts grandkids who were laughing at us every time we missed the basket. I would also like to take this opportunity to point out that 3 or the 4 of us had either Birkinstocks or flip flops on so the lay-ups were pretty pathetic indeed. Still, I would have taken on the grandkids because even if they were better players, I was feeling mean. I would have gladly lost and had ample opportunity to get the elbows and body checking going because believe you me, I have one mean elbow and a butt that will not stop. That’s a lot of momentum going places in my favor and them little tweenie kids? No match for mah caboose!

Sunday was Renfest and I’d love to say all sorts of great things about it but the truth is that I was very disappointed to wake up well and healthy with no excuse to cancel out. I even lounged in bed a little extra time trying to coax a sore throat or a cough but no. Don’t know what it was but I was in no real mood to go. Still, we had plans so off we went. I found it exactly the same as last year and the year before that and the year before that blah blah rerun cakes. I think I just wasn’t in the mood to appreciate the faire so while I did enjoy the Flying Zucchini Brothers (they had some new material…sahWEET, plus they juggle fire and SPAM!) and the hard cider along with the bagpipe band (and their one handed drummer who was making up for his injured hand by going mach 10 with the good one) I was about ready to throttle the next person who greeted me in that fakey English or Scottish accent. By the time we left I was even willing to throttle the one or two innocents who may actually have an English or Scottish accent just to get all the 99% who did not. Cranky much? I think someone needed a nap!

We did get some free Irish Whisky out of the deal so that was pretty fab. We went to see one of the wares dealers about a cup we bought that cracked (he’ll fix it YAY) and we bought some other things including a shot glass made out of apple wood (pretty!) and he filled it with a shot o’ whisky just to test and make sure it worked. He so totally rocks! Plus, they have pretzels for free in a wooden serving bowl. Yum yum on both accounts. After the faire we went to Bucca di Beppa and because we had four people this time, and not three, we actually got to eat Bucca di Beppa style. We discovered that three is too small because they serve dinner family style and the point is, like Chinese food, to get a couple dishes for everyone to try. Can’t do it with three, can with four. Hooray!

Later that night we logged onto EQ only to find that Dirge and Shar had been playing like mad things. We were so close to catching up too, damn them! It was fun though, TheMan and I found a spot in a different place than the one zone we have been hunting in forEVER and it was pretty darned decent. Especially since my computer wasn’t freaking out and I could see everything. Bonus. With Dirge and Shar, we got to rocking the zone and that was pretty sahweet. Shar got a level (damn her!) and new spells. Mmmm, tasty. Dirge got a level (damn him!) and got bupkis, since he is a warrior. Actually, he may have gotten a stack o’ hit points or something. TheMan is about 5 kills until the next level and the frog soldiers on. (Frog had just hit 36 the last time we played). We found this one MOB who was designated really low level but had 10,000 million billion HP (for some reason) and a little gnome captive so we went to town. Ten minutes later (but absolutely no worries the whole time) the MOB went down and…NOTHING! ARRRGH! That was pretty pissy. The little gnome guy didn’t do anything either, waste o’ time! Ah well.

And that’s about all. Oh look, time for me to go home! Laters all!

Last year at the booniverse: Since fire was still working and we had MEAT in the freezer we had us an old fashion cook out for dinner. Hee.

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