Sadness in the Key of Sammich

TANSTAAFL indeed, even when the lunch is free. I scored a DEluxe deli catered lunch bag today, because I am just that cool (and I set up a video thing for the presenter, but I prefer to think it was my coolness coming in to play), and when I opened up my “chicken salad” it was pretty unmistakably roast beef. Oh the sadness, because this place makes really good if incredibly overpriced deli sammiches and I was looking forward to some free chicken salad sammich action. Alas, I do not partake of the cow so this beautiful pile of delicious looking beef was discarded. Somewhere out there, a beef lover is crying. Probably the person who got the “roast beef” sandwich only to discover chicken salad.

On the plus side, they also include a very fine potato salad, a pickle, and this gargantuan hunk of caramel outfitted in about three inches of chocolate that is packaged as a candy bar. Mmmm-mmm! I also have an apple too for later (or now, cuz my cheese and lettuce sammich, although very fine as far as cheese and lettuce sammiches go, just wasn’t quite enough).

Hmmm, so yeah. That Tuesday day seems to be a day of me not having much to say eh? If I were a real spread-sheet geek I’d have something to track my days posted and days not but I think I have established by now how much of a Cheeto butt I am. Now the JSFR, on the other hand, I can see having it’s own database because I am getting to the point of having to weed through the fellas to see what I have done, what it was rated blah blah so much simpler if put into a database cakes. Lemmie talk to my sysadmin and see what he has to say about that. Heh!

Well, I suppose I could talk about some changes I foresee in the booniverse future. I’m oh so close to figuring out how to do up a neat little “about” section with bios and whatnot but I have to first figure out how to do it exactly (believe it or not, I have an idea, but I also had an idea about how to excise IE too and THAT panned out really well) and then I’d have to write it. On the other hand, I sort of have a small fire lit about this particular project so maybe y’all might be seeing some changes in the sidebar. Stay tuned!

JSFR. Wanting to be its own section. Still. Not yet though, obviously. JSFR, wanting a database, damnit! That project is closer to being a reality, if by closer you mean like Mercury is closer for taking a summer vacation than Saturn is. Hey! Tune in this weekend for the blog-a-versary of the JSFR! One year old on the 22nd. Madness!

Hmmm. Can’t think of anything off hand. Boy, that’s pretty pathetic, two maybe 3 changes and not a one anywhere close to even started. Put a Cheeto in my mouth! Oh, that reminds me, a Dictionary of boo-isms might also be a good thing to have.

There is a tad of excitement happening today. DQ and I are going shopping for fabric and patterns and then DQ is going to show me how to sew. Tres keen! Just think of the things I can make on my own! Why DQ has a Hawaiian pattern already and I hear the fabric stores have their Halloween fabrics on display. I do not have a Halloween themed Hawaiian shirt yet. This looks like a deficiency I am going to have to overcome! Plus, y’all know I’m going to wear it all year round because I am just that kind of person. Heck, seasonal schmeasonal, skeletons, pumpkins and cats can be worn all year, right?

Hey, I have no qualms about wearing my Christmas Hawaiian shirts in July. Perfect time of year!

OK then, maybe this is why I haven’s yet learned how to sew; the fates are trying their best to protect the world against my fashion sense. Hmmm!

Hey look! A Forming SAST!

Yeah, I’m just writing as the thoughts come. Here’s another sad thought: I melted my stealth Hawaiian shirt today. Foo. I was reaching up to get a tupper and the tail end of the shirt swung out over the still very warm burner. Polyester and hot burner don’t get along, apparently but it does give me pause. No to be wearing these shirts in a house or building fire! Yikes! Luckily, I’m going to learn how to make more shirts (and I’m thinking cotton is your friend).

A small side of EQ for y’all next. We were tooling around in the northern plains the other day when I thought I’d up and get me my 39 spells. One of them was in the city of Thurgadin, which has this cool stone bridge spanning a huge chasm. The ends of the bridge are some sort of see through stuff, which I figured out was ice. Mainly because once you get your character on it, you go sliding right over to the stone part. Wheeee! I took the frog over the ice many times, even looking down. WHEEEE! I then took a better look around and discovered that the ice blocks have no guard rails so I wondered if you could plunge a “toon” all the way off the end. OfCOURSE I had to find out (but not with the frog! She is my main character) so yesterday I ran TheMan’s old enchanter (which he created on my account when we had but the one account) over to the city and off the bridge. Wh-SPLAT. Foo. It wasn’t as deep a fall as I was lead to believe looking through the ice. Ahh well, I at least got a screen shot from the frog’s POV looking down at the dead guy.

Hmm, that’s about it, except for the cool bug I saw on one of the windows today (he was a very light, bright green) and the L. Ron Hubbard “gift” to the library. Hee!

Last year at the booniverse: So I did what every red blooded American would do when they see a spider the size of Cleveland (but with more electricity) racing through their house. I grabbed the nearest cat and plopped it down in the spider’s path.

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