The Tuesday Weekend Review

Oooo! An elusive Tuesday post AND a weekend recap PLUS an announcement of POOOOST dating! Take a look at the very special JSFR for Sunday which, in the now established tradition, was posted on Monday. I’m all about traditionalism here, mostly when it enables my slothatude.

So yeah, about that Monday posting. See, I was all ready and raring to post but I wanted to get the JSFR up and out beforehand but e-mail was being funk-tastic. This all adds up to me not getting the pretty pics until after 9pm, although TheMan resent them at 6 or 7ish anyway, and by that time the SHINY of updating was replaced by the SHINY of A. Neopets, B. EQ, C. The Italian Job on TV, D. The taped Atlantis or E. All of the above. Of course, I’m totally blaming the U for this. Not because the server had indigestion (constipation?) but because the server was all crack crazy AND when I got in the next day and finally got the messages, they were time stamped 3:40pm and 6:30pm. I don’t THINK so, I was still at work at 3:40 and there were no pics. I was home at 6:30 surfing and watching Atlantis and there were no pics (BTW if you picked D you would be…WRONG!). I was home at 9 surfing and watching the Italian Job and there were no pics (if you picked C you would be…WRONG!). I logged back on at 11 after EQ and wala! Pics! (If you marked B you would be…WRONG! The correct answer would be E. All of the above. Next question.)

It does give an interesting insight into the U’s definition of “timeliness” though. What do you mean I missed the deadline? The messages were date stamped in PLENTY of time!

ANY.WAY. Recap. Friday I was the crank Meistress eXtreme so I went home and had me a good long soul cleansing snooze. I was in dire need of it too, since I felt almost human when I rolled out of bed at 11ish. Give or take. I did catch the second showing of SG1 but was kinda meh about Atlantis so I did something else. It was probably something very important else. Very important. So important that were I to tell you (or even remember what it was) I would have to kill you. I think I may have just boogered around, maybe done some actual cleaning (but really…cleaning? What are the odds THAT actually happened? Please submit your answers to the nearest tenth and remember to show all work) maybe surfed. Who knows! We wandered to bed after midnightish I think.

Are we not the paradigm of exciting here at the Q house?

Saturday we had planned a small Smithee thing so I did a bit of cleaning (dishes, laundry, napping; wash, rinse, dry, repeat) while TheMan zoomed the truck over to Rob’s for this and that. He got home, I tagged in and zoomed (the bug) to the grocery store to pick up eats for our Smithee festlet. Badmovie, LunarGeography and their Bucket of Margarita’s came over as well as Bubbles (and TimBit cookies. Mmmmmmm). I’m thinking we are going to have to split the Smithee viewing into two groups in order to accommodate everyone all comfy like. 5 was a pretty good number of guests for our place, yet the typical Smithee night usually draws 9ish which gets stuffy and crowded fast. The Q house is not so much designed for the parTAY scene. The New Mrs. Q, she likes her some company now and then. The splitting of the Smithee crowd may offer the best solution to the dilemma. Discuss all possible ramifications in 500 words or less.

We went for the marathon 3 movies: One birthday flick, one from the Bag o’ Evil and one from Badmovie-space. Unfortunately, the Bag o’ Evil pic (Arabian Nights) was quite long and a touch too good to really consider for the Smithees. We did get a couple of good one liners and maybe some sort of whoops but after two hours it hadn’t really yielded anything much so we abandoned it. It did have a ton of people that I recognized in it though; Mili Avital (Sha’uri in the Stargate movie), Oded Fehr (From 1999 The Mummy – he was the leader of the Egyptian temple defenders), Rufus Sewell (Dark City), Dougray Scott (Once Upon a time, MI:II), Jason Scott Lee (Soldier, and a Smithee flick we saw a while back called Tale of the Mummy) and a couple of other people as well. Chock full of people just good enough to edge the film out of contention. Le sigh.

The birthday movie was better, in that it yielded more Smitheeness, but for being billed as a martial arts flick (Legend of the Eight Samurai) it had maybe ten minutes of martial arts action and that was spread out through the entire movie in 30 second bursts. Much disappointment if you were looking for some ninja! action, which we sort of were. The third movie, however, was golden. Badmovie brought, for our viewing…enjoyment? something called Roller Blade. In summation: Hot nun chicks on roller skates with switchblades of love. The cleansing scene in which three of the sisters have to get naked together in a hot tub pretty much says just about everything you need to say about this flick, except that it wasn’t porn (which is actually kind of sad. If it were, it would have had some redeeming quality. Hee, redeeming. I slay me!). It was almost as if this movie felt our pain at not having a bumper crop of Smithee notes. Ouch.

Sunday, the Qs were up so we did the brunch thing before Badmovie’s game. Mom Q baked a fantabulous blueberry pie (one of which is still about for the Wednesday game. Mmmm!) before she and Dad Q went out to partake of the local Heritage festival. Badmovie’s game only advanced one day, which we came to the conclusion was my fault. No really! Last week they went through three days, I was not there. This week I was there and we only got through one day. See? Who’s gonna argue with proper scientific reasoning? Heh. Of course we normally run with about six players and last week there were only three players but that just introduces superfluous data into the equation.

After the game, we hustled home to do some projects. I needed to make a carrot cake for a coworker’s birthday parTAY and TheMan had a dying computer from Dad Q. to resuscitate (or if it was too far gone, give it last rites). We did our respective projects THANGS (of which TheMan wrote a really geeky entry about over at his blog which was actually kinda cool! Plus, it explained the gingerbread tin that mysteriously appeared out of thin air. Unfortunately, there were no cookies in it. Why do tins like that always materialize with something not quite so delicious stuffed inside them?) and I am happy to report that my cake came out FABULOUS! I had to niggle with the recipe a bit seeings as all my spring form pans have giant light blinding holes in the bottom when they are sprung tight. DOAH! Not such a bad thing if you are doing cheese cakes with a hole sealing crust, not such a good thing when you need to bake straight liquid in them. Bah! So I threw the batter into three cake pans, set them to go with an estimated time, tried (and succeeded) to make frosting with less than the ideal amounts of ingredients and wala! Tasty cake! It was a TWO appliance project too (Cuisinart and Kitchen Aid) so you know it was a special cake!

There you have it, my weekend in a walnut shell.

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