Cut It Out!

Day two of the indefinite “Teach boo to sew” project.

I went over to DQ’s last night for day two: Cutting! only it was really Day 2: whoops; we got bats flying every which way, let’s repin a bit here and flip a part there and scootch a piece down this-a-way. It was pretty funny, my mumses (hi mum!) read my first entry when I posted it and called me up the next day, all a-brimmin with enthusiasims. She started talking about this and that and how she is ALL about the puzzle piece action of fitting the pattern parts together. After all, you don’t want those bats to be flying upsidown in one panel and sideways in the next. She couldn’t tell if the bats had a pattern or not from the pic, but she was pretty sure that they were all mostly right side up and anyway, I did check to see if all the bats were flying right, didn’t I?

Cue cricket chirping F/X

Errrr…right! OfCOURSE the bats are all the same way. Every single one of them. Yup. Right there. Right way. UmmmHmmm! Yeah, you can tell what’s coming up next, it’s like fiveshadowing. Do I even have to mention that I got more pattern pinning practice last night? Didn’t think so but damnit, ALL the bats are for sure flying the way god (or JoAnne’s Fabrics) intended electric lime green bats to fly. Well, except for the collar, which the pattern put so that the bats are flying sideways. No worries, we cut the pocket out at this cute jaunty angle so I’ll have stylin diagonal pocket bats which will make the goofy sideways collar bats look planned. Besides, you gotta love a 45 degree pocket pattern. I’m sure there is a technical sewing term for “going all crack crazy with the fabric orientation” but hell if I know it. My one piece of learning from this phase of the sewing project is that it’s selvage, not salvage and that was from last lesson!

Oh! I also learned, or maybe discovered, that I hate (HATE! You gotta say that with a ringing intonation. HAAAAAAAAAAATE!) darts or points or whatever them little pointy triangular doohickeys you have to cut out so that you can match up this bit with that bit are called. I’ll let you know next time what they are as I’m sure THAT will be my “next lesson I should have picked up last lesson” lesson. Yeah, anyhoo, so patterns have these triangular whatsits that DQ likes to clip outwards instead of inwards like the pattern suggests. I don’t think it much matters what way you cut them, I do believe I’d hate them just as much if they were innie points rather than outtie points. And let me tell you, I absofuckinglutely suck at cutting the whatevertheyare pointy doodads. Oi! I think DQ mentioned that you can pencil mark them in and I gotta say, pencil I can do! Pointy bastards? Not so much.

I’m also pretty sucktastic at cutting in general. If this pattern isn’t of the level of Mother Teresa forgiving I’m in a tad o’ hot water because the paper pattern part and the fabric part were having none of anything to do with each other. I’d snip snip along and lo! The tissue would be sliding and wobbling and twitching all over the place. If it wasn’t the tissue then the fabric was slouching or bunching or trying to ootch over a smidgen. Ever do that magnet thing where you try to get the same sides to go together but the magnets keep squirting sideways? Totally the pattern and the fabric. I had it all pinned down too (twice) but no, my pieces came out looking like bits carved from construction paper with kindergarten scissors. DQ also mentioned the whole chalk pencil tracing thing works for pattern bits too and I did a small happy dance of “no more damn pattern pinning to cut” right there in her front room. I’ve very seldom had a line drawn onto something squirrel its way off of whatever it was affixed it. I can dig the whole line tracing and cutting thing.

The last bit of project for the evening was cutting pieces of that weird white stuff, which may or may not go by the name “interfacing”. That went pretty much as I expected it would, given the results of my 1337 cutting 5Ki11Z up to that point. At least you don’t see the interfacing, which makes me firmly believe there is a god of clothes making. Albeit, a god who is most likely watching this operation with equal parts profound horror and train wreck fascination.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress. Day Three should start right up (barring any more electric lime green bat mishappenstance) with SEWING (or rather basting, which is sort of like sewing but not quite. Practice sewing?) which is also a word that comes with its own reverb. Wish me luck!

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