The Friday Precap

Heh, look at me, all witty like with the “precap”. Why, I could easily be the poster child for amusing what with that small jest. “Precap”, like that which comes before the traditional Monday “recap”, get it? I am stylin and full of the clever today, except that’s about all the funny I have right there in the title. No wait a minute! Ahhh, sorry, false alarm.

Yesterday I was going to update and call my entry BIG BALL OF HATE because damn did I have one narsty day here at the lovely job thing. I found out that one of my coworkers (that I enjoy working with) will be out on leave for a month or two come spring. The other coworker I liked left for bigger and better things, which leaves me working for the Biotch-fiend Task Mistress, the Crack-crazy Psycho and the Dude who I just don’t quite get and can never really tell if he is serious or joking but for the most part is OK to work for more or less. I’m not looking forward to what will no doubt be the dark days of working for the Dysfunctional Three, especially if we do not hire another librarian to fill the shoes of the first librarian who just left.

So, I’ve decided to list a couple of coping strategies to get me through:

1. Run around sticking my fingers in my ears and yelling “La-la-la! I can’t here you!”

I think that will work well for those times the Crack-crazy Psycho gets all tangential to reality. It’s not the best way to conduct work however. On the other hand, sometimes you just got to do the La-la-la, you know?

2. Look up with insightful eyes and say with all earnestness “OK” and then do an immediate memory dump of said situation.

This one will at least make me seem more of a team player unless I happen to memory dump some instructions. Eh, sometimes that can be a good thing around these parts. I’m still partial to the La-la-la though. I’m going to have to start practicing.

3. Cary a large French knife and threaten anyone who starts to get that psycho look in their eye.

While this choice would get MY point across, mainly that you do NOT go ape-shit in my area, I can see a couple of disadvantages. Employers don’t much like being threatened with knives, no matter the justification on the employees part and my arm would get awfully damned tired.

La-la-la is looking mighty good!

BAH! I don’t want to talk about work anymore, it’s frustrating, boring and it gives me hives. Besides which, it’s nearly the weekend and who wants to dwell on the insanity! No more work talk. Oh wait…”La-la-la! I can’t hear you!“. Well, I’ll be, it works! What was I saying?

This weekend we have some PLANS! Today, we were going to play a bit of EQ and watch the Stargate goodness but TheMan went home with a case of snothead so I’m not sure where our plans are headed. All I have to say on that is I best not get the drippy head because I’ll come down with it during the week and then I’ll have to deal with the Insanity AND snothead. Besides, gooing “dLa-dLa-dLa! I ca’t here you” at the top of my wet mucusy lungs just doesn’t have the right oomph. Maybe I ought to take a nap, you know to stave off the cold or something. Oooo, I think that’s a right fine plan. You can never be too careful with these sinus explosions.

Saturday is DQ’s parTAY. She is hosting a Japanese thang with flare, which may or may not include monster movies and/or spaghetti westerns but most definitely several flavors of sushi. Mmmm, sushi. It seems like we have been parTAYing every weekend here in Q land what with the small Smithee thing last weekend, DQ’s shindig this weekend and the larger Smithee thing next weekend (not to mention the Labor Day thing at the mumses and maybe a Q family birthday thing) but TheMan and I have a plan for this too. We have decided to sleep in tomorrow come hell or high water (and if they do come, I’ll be all practiced – “La-la-la! I can’t here you!”). Hey, the only thing we have to do Saturday is be at DQ’s at 5, so damned if I’m getting up at the crack of anything if I don’t have to. 4pm should give us enough time to get showered and ready before heading out.

Oh, you laugh! I can easily sleep until 2pm, what’s another 2 hours?

Sunday we are…errr…doing things! Stuff! Terribly important stuff! Actually, I have a niggling feeling that we had planned something Sunday but hell if I remember what it was. Eh, I hope it wasn’t important and if it was, whomever we are about to blow off give us a holler and tell us that we are about to be butt heads. TheMan probably has a clue (he usually does) and he’ll probably look at me with that look and gently remind me that (duhh!) we were doing that thing at that place. Maybe at that point in time I’ll just start up with the La-la-la, that way I never really remembered what it was right?

Man, brain like Swiss cheese I tell ya.

Mmmm, Swiss cheese…

What we do need to do is excavate the trees from the gutters, mow the lawn, laundry, and get cracking on the plum wine. Whether we actually do any or all of that remains to be seen. Tune in Monday when I let you know who and what we blew off!

Anyone want to clean my gutters? Anyone? *sigh*

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One Response to “The Friday Precap”

  1. Scott Says:

    Nope, I’m not going to clean your gutters. But let me know if you need a ladder… I have quite the collection.