More Picto Goodness

Hi again! It’s time for another pictorial peek into the Q house remodeling project (of which this part has been done for a while now but I haven’t gotten the pics up yet. Eh, just working on boo time). This is the last new knick knack shelf that stands in the corner of the room opposite the book shelves.

Here we have a lamp! Ooooo! It does cool lamp type things like turn off and turn on! OK, so we don’t have much creativity going on here but at least it is functional. This shelf unit stands where the buzzy torchier light used to be (in case you wanted to know) so with the whole knick knack shelves project we have three lights about the room instead of one buzzy light. I think we have traded one buzzy bright light for three lower luminous lights in a wider dispersal which makes the room look brighter on the whole. And quieter. Did I mention the torchier light buzzed? Also sharing functional space, but aesthetically so, is the other glass flower TheMan got me for Valentine’s Day a couple years back, A neat Japanese looking vase thing and one of those magnet thingies with all the metal doodads.

RARH! Here’s where a bunch of the couch critters went to. Front and center is Godzilla and the ever so cool Monster Zero (wedding presents from Badmovie and LunarGeography-who both really, really rock because, Monster Zero! Wheee!). Heh, they are Beanie something or others too…not that I have a collection of beanies or anything. Nope, no sir. Moving on! Anyhow, the dragon fellow isn’t a beanie but he’s kinda cute and he’s definitely a RARH! type critter so he got to play up on the RARH shelf. The alien is, err…I don’t know. He’s just there because he’s not somewhere else.

From the side it’s beanie Reptilicus and one of the Wild Things making a break for it! Oh, and monster Zero’s tail. There is a lot of Monster Zero, he was hard to fit onto the shelf in an appropriate tableau. That’s one thing Godzilla has over Monster Zero: Easy pose-ability.

Alright, you seeing the pattern? The right shelf went light/vases/stuff, stuffed guys, sake sets etc. so guess what the third shelf on the left unit has on it? Bonus points for you new readers who guessed sake sets etc. (oh wait, heh, picture! OK, bonus points for everybody then) More bonus points for you readers who know I have 4 sake sets but saw only two on the right shelves and had this whole thing figured out from the start. Alright, everyone have bonus points now? Good! The other two sake sets are the grey crinkle set that I stole from my mumses (she had a duplicate set and didn’t know what she would do with two sake sets. Pffft, knick knack tableaus mumses! Come on! Oh yeah, and the very occasional sake party) and one I bought because I liked it. Or something. Hey, I only had three sets, I was in need here! Ah-hem. Right. Well there are other things on this shelf too, front and center you might have noticed the tea cup. Yes, that is a kazoo sticking out of it and, oddly, yes they go together. These are favors from LunarGeography and Badmovie’s wedding a good handful of years back (back before TheMan and I knew about each other even!). As I understand it, the wedding was an Alice in Wonderland theme (hence the tea cups) and the kazoo was entirely from Badmovie space. I also understand that TheMan does a mean William Shatner “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” karaoke complete with a back up kazoo band. Since we had a tea cup, I included an elephant tea pot. I was going for an ensamb thing. The strange whats-it peaking above the furthest back grey crinkle sake glass is a goldfish in a bag glass bit from Milan. Yes, my mother went to Milan and all I got was a Milano glass goldfish in a bag. Heh, that wacky mumses! How many of you out there have authentic Milano bagged goldfish? Ha!

On mumses’s second trip to Milan she picked me up a glass ant, fly and mosquito. They hang out on the saucer because I kept almost killing them when they were on the book shelves.

Right then. Candles. Scott-san and Opal got us this candle thing for a wedding present and we found the orange candles and wala! Synergy. We really like the looks of the orange and the candle holder, and it’s a really cool candle holder too. The other candles are just candles. No big story, sorry.

And lastly, here it is; The Dice Dish. I think it looks pretty rad and for our family it’s about the best use of the dish we could come up with. We don’t keep sweets and we don’t do potpourri and when we had it on the coffee table it tended to collect all manner of things that could be conveniently put in a dish. Now it has a function and is a happier dice dish for it.

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