The Last Fist Full of Yojimbo

Guess what a house with one film major and one communications major does for fun on the weekend? Mifune is my hero and Bruce does beat up like nobody’s business but Clint’s got the squint down to a science. Plus, nobody smokes a skinny cigar like Clint. But first, the post cap to Friday’s precap.

We didn’t do too badly in the completing of the plans. Friday we played no EQ but I did get a nap in and we did watch all the Stargate goodness that was offered. What was this past Atlantis about again? Damn! Mind like a sieve! Lemmie see, Oh right, they landed and pissed off another group of people. You know, like last time and the time before that. No wonder I can’t keep them all straight in my head! One thing I have to say though, McCay? Still my favorite. Love that character.

Saturday I did sleep until 4! HA! Except for the fact that I got up at 11 and baked bran muffins (with olive oil because we had no veggie oil. Interesting yet tasty) and did dishes and maybe put a load of laundry in and for sure took a shower. Then, I attempted an hour plus nap at 3ish but that was cut way short (*cry* only 20 minutes! that’s a tease, not a nap!!!) because we got our time all discombobulated. DQ’s parTAY was at 4, not 5 so no happy nap for me. Instead, Gyoza! I learned two very important things about the preparation and transport of Goyza. 1. Flat pan = good for no stick easy Goyza cooking! Wok = not so good really at all. Blech! 2. Paper towel = good for oil soppage! Paper towel = not so good for leaving the Goyza on where they will intrinsically become one with the paper weave. Oh I guess I really learned three things: Paper towel soaked in Goyza grease and molecularly bonded to said dumpling = actually quite tasty.

The parTAY went well; we ate lots of tasty sushi rolls (Mmmm, fish cakes. Mmmm squared pickled ginger) and watched a whole meal of Japanese movies in largish screen (TheMan borrowed a data projector and DQ’s large white wall. Well, he didn’t exactly borrow the wall but used it for projectionary purposes, which said wall wasn’t particularly ever designed specifically for but served admirable well as). Our selections included: Yojimbo, Crazy Bean something or other and Read or Die. LunarGeography supplied Read or Die and it is now on my list of “Things I must Own”. “Zah Paepah” cracked my shit up every single time they said it (probably much to the annoyance of the other party goers). Hee! And the singlemindedness of the main character is amusing to boot. Zah Paepah, report! Yojimbo was, as always Yojimbo (it’s worse when you smile) which is to say a fine Kurosawa ronin vs. mob flick. It also sparked the title of today’s entry as we debated the merits of bringing A Fist Full of Dollars as well…

Which brings us to Sunday. TheMan was still illing from the bug he caught so it was all about the low key for him but I was all about the twichay. So, I went SHOPPING! Originally I was just going for a few items of this and that, but when I got to the store some insane fever took hold of me and I went on a meal planning and buying binge. I kid you not, I have food for meals well into October. Don’t know what that was about but I bought fixings for the Red Snapper Creole (Today’s dinner dish), tuna noodle something (last night’s fare that made leftovers for several other nights plus a lunch or two. Word to the wise: Family sized soup is much soup!), crock pot, crock pot 2, grilling and lunchables. Not only that, but I fixed up the crock pot (for tomorrow), made the tuna noodle something and started the Creole sauce ALL LAST NIGHT! Crack crazy with the planning, I tell ya. Must be getting ready for winter or something. Oi!

After that little bout of little miss homestead, we grabbed A Fist Full of Dollars to watch. Someone at DQ’s parTAY mentioned that they couldn’t see why anyone would watch Yojimbo and A Fist Full of Dollars in close succession because they were the same movie-booooring! Ouch I say! I don’t know if it is my film major training or what but seeing two movies based off of the same story but done in completely different genres is just way too cool for words. But wait, there are three movies all based off of a single source material? Wheee! I think it’s a film major’s heaven.

I like to see the differences that crop up when you change culture, setting, actors, etc. but keep the story the same. It’s done all the time with Shakespeare and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Here, it works with all three adaptations. Yojimbo is set in late 1800 Japan and features an out of work samurai who goes up against both gangs controlling a small town. A Fist Full of Dollars is set against the late days of the old west (but in Mexico) and features an out of work gunman who goes up against both gangs controlling a small town. The Last Man Standing is set against the late gang era in south Texas and features an out of work gunman who goes up against both gangs controlling a small town. (We just finished watching TLMS tonight).

I would love to bore you all with an in depth analysis of the characters, the setting, the genera, etc. and so forth (but I’d have to do more research on Japan in the 1800, Mexico around the civil war and Texas in the early 1900s) because I can, assuming I want to put the work into it that such a topic needs (hee! Work!). Buuuuut, I wont. Too much effort, really, and unless I’m getting some sort of pay or grade it’s entirely too much effort to do for my own amusement. I draw the line at work. I will say that if you watch them in order of production (Yojimbo, A Fist Full of Dollars, The Last Man Standing) and seeing the differences in adaptiveness of the genera, director and actors is at all interesting to you, then spend a few nights watching the same movie. It’s really not quite the same movie and it’s a lot of fun seeing the similarities and differences.

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