Weekend Recap in a Nut Shell

And so it has come to pass, another year and another Valentine’s day. Some people look forward to getting or giving roses, candy, jewelry or other nice things while other people loathe the commercialism and pressure the day puts on couples and singles alike (I feel that way about Sweetest’s day. Come on folks, what is with Sweetest’s day anyway? We don’t have two Christmases do we? No, don’t think so!). I have discovered that for me (and I think TheMan too) it was an excuse to have some total us time without feeling guilty about not doing other things we are supposed to be doing. Nope, sorry, can’t do that, it’s Valentine’s Day! (or my birthday or his birthday or our anniversary or…). Nothing more, nothing less and you know, it made for one fine day.

TheMan walked over for lunch and we ate at a local pub. I’m iffy on the place, sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not but it’s within good walking distance and it has a cool name. And a bazillion beers on tap. I think. Is that the one? Anyway, lunch fell into the not so good category but only after it had rolled around in my stomach for a couple of hours. Burping up sea food burrito was not my idea of a good afternoon. Glergh! We had reservations for late in the evening at our favorite restaurant so we spent the lag time tooling around downtown.

Things of interest: They (the ubiquitous THEY) have a new plushie out which we picked up at Wizzywig: A stuffed Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas! TheMan used part of his gift certificate to get me an adorable fuzzy squishy Zero. He also got the boxed set of El Hazard. After catching up on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Kimiguri Orange Road, Captain Tyler and Utena we can sit down to a fist full of El Hazard. We have way too many DVDs we haven’t watched.

We had an hour or two more so we dithered at this store and that store looking at stuff. I found a couple interesting gifts suitable for birthday presents and some other things that were pretty cool but bought nothing. We also saw a bunch of ice sculptures hanging around. Must have been a carving contest a couple of days ago which would have been fun to see. Heh, that’s us with our pulse on the community. Another odd happening was the fellow we met at one of the stores. He came up to us and asked how our lunch was. I was really taken aback…how did this guy know we went out to lunch? Is he psychic? A Stalker? Reading my mind? No, he was the host fellow at the place we had lunch earlier. TheMan pointed that out. I was sure the voices in my head were audible there for a moment.

So we ate another fine meal, got home and had a good cuddle and a mighty fine snooze well into Saturday. I eventually got out to run errands while TheMan demolished the bathroom (now we are thinking of ripping down the walls to the studs and re-drywalling. Whooo!) and hung with my peeps Dirge and Shar. Heh, my peeps! Had a good time and wound up snagging TheMan for dinner with everyone at Cookers. Mmmm, tasty! Then back to the pad for more relaxation.

Sunday was “Help Rob move the rest of the stuff (almost) out of the basement into Rob’s new house” day. Well, of course, after TheMan and I had gotten a real lazy start to the day. I think that was a running theme all weekend. So we hauled this and that and whatnot, Rob threw his back out, TheMan’s back was going in and out and I played door chick. Three for moving is an odd number since most things only take/have enough room for two people so I was sort of stuck helping remotely. That’s OK, we plan to haul the last thing over on Tuesday so I will be towing my fair share then PLUS everything will be gone. How exciting is that? I tell you it can get none more.

We hung out and had eats and watched a double feature movie: The One and The Others (hee!). The One had a really interesting premise and some good potential but fell so very far and so very flat. The movie had this parallel universe premise thing going which is pretty cool, and these temporal/universal order cops who get to schloop from one universe to another tracking down evil doers deal which is cool and the schloop travel F/X which were pretty darn cool and Jet Li fighting Jet Li – I mean that should be the uber cool right there right? Maybe? Or how about it was the most appallingly boring martial arts movies I have seen in a long time. Zzzzzzzz, Huh? What? Something happen? Oh wait, just the obligatory matrix style fight in an exploding power plant scene.

The Others, now that is a movie I can recommend. Creepy. Old ladies with whitey cataract eyes? Very high on the creepy list. I had half of the whole plot thing (the Nicole Kidman and kids part) figured out pretty early on and then I was convinced otherwise by the characters that my thinking wasn’t so. Then, when it was about obvious that my original thoughts were indeed correct, everyone knew it already. Bastards! The second half of the plot dealing with the intruders I did not see coming at all. Very cool. Rent it, watch it, be creeped out. Fun fun!

More exciting news: The rings come down from Up North this week. YAY! I have heard that they are gorgeous and I am all a twitter to see them. Also coming down is my pendant, which I am all sorts of thrilled by as well. The wedding advances ever closer and that is fine by me – bring it! I am ALL about TheMan today and couldn’t be happier than the thought of being the new Mrs. TheMan.

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