Kitchen Notes and Lunch

Man, it is one GEORGOUS day out there. I had lunch with Shar today and the sun was out and a bit of a cool breeze too and it was just all around pleasant. Is there a job where I can sit around on my butt all day enjoying the outside? Maybe they ought to institute “go sit on your ass” days, like personal days but you just don’t come back from lunch. I tell you, when *I* take over the world I’m going to not only institute a couple GSOYA days but I will strongly recommend a four day work week AND the immediate adoption of siestas. A short workday nap can only improve the disposition of more than a few people I know.

I wonder if I am coming down with TheMan’s cold; I sure can feel a crank coming on! Grrrr! Of course my coworkers give me the mental hives so maybe it’s just too close contact with dispositionally bitchy and/or insane people. Or it could be that tomorrow they will start blocking the roads off for Student Move In (whoo) which, as far as I can tell by the map, does not allow for any hospital employee to get into the hospital employee parking lots. Well, unless you come at the hospital from the west that is. From the west the traffic flows just right for you to get into the lot bippity bamn but forget going home. The rest of the people have to swing around the entire medical campus and position themselves from the west in order to get into work and still, nobody’s going home. That’s planning! I told TheMan that I was NOT going to even contemplate that traffic nightmare and he was going to have to walk a couple blocks to work.

The Red Snapper Creole last night turned out…interesting. I did over cook the fish a wee tad, which really kind of grumped me out, but it was still quite tasty so no real harm. The Creole was just weird. I halved the recipe, mostly, since I was using 2 fillets instead of the yield of 6-7 but my halving wasn’t too terribly scientific. I grabbed one red pepper, one green pepper and one bigish onion and decided that they would just have to do for a portion of 3 cups of pepper or onion. It also called for one jalapeno, which would be a half a jalapeno, but after I cut the pepper in half I looked at the lonely half and thought “What am I going to do with half a pepper?” and then threw in the rest. So, along with doubling the garlic because you can never have enough garlic, I doubled the pepper and the sauce was…sweet? I think the red pepper took over and seriously poured on the sweet. It was odd, I would have thought there would be much more zing what with a whole jalapeno and seeds loafing around in the sauce. Maybe tomorrow it will be spicier?

I also got to play pan tetris too. I started out with heated oil in a sauce pan all rockin and ready to get it on with the Creoling when I read the directions again and noticed they said “skillet” and not “sauce pan” (so, so similar…can you blame me?) so I dumped the oil out of the sauce pan into the skillet pan and rocked the Creole. Then when it came time to pan sear the fish in a “large skillet” I glanced in the general direction of the stove, where my Creole was simmering in a “skillet” and thought “Self, is that not the ‘large skillet’ over there on the stove with the Creole already in it?” and myself said “Why, I do believe it is!” so I emptied the Creole back into the original sauce pan and kept it simmering while I fired up the now empty “large skillet” for some fish frying action. Kitchen planning at its finest folks! BTW, a sauce simmered large skillet is damned hot. You know, if you were to attempt to scrub out the Creole leavings in preparation for making fish in it. I’m just saying.

Tonight, we should be feasting on my crock pot creation (did I put spices in that???) and I’ll let you know how that goes. Oh, don’t get too excited by the fact that all my shopping meal planned meals seem to have already been cooked because I went shopping again (oh yes I did) last night and do you know what I got? BEANS! (lots of beans, lots of beans, yeah, yeah, Beans). Three Million Bean Salad here I come. All my pretty beans! Not only did I get beans BUT I got some ground turkey to try out the sloppy turkey Joe recipe on the back of one of the soup cans. BUT! Before I make the turkey Joe, I’ll need salsa and guess who has onions, jalapenos and tomatoes? The kitchen fun isn’t even close to being over! Just today I was thinking about the bag of semolina flour I had kicking about and wondering where that could have gotten off too because ravioli doesn’t sound THAT hard to make!

Oh yes, be afraid. Be very afraid!

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