Blog, Damnit!

Hmmm, I might as well write something today because I didn’t write anything yesterday and woe to the journaler who misses a couple days! Why, that boo, first she updates regularly and then two days in a row there is no entry. I guess she wasn’t a serious journaler after all.

Actually, I haven’t yet decided what I do here but I prefer the word “blog”. It sounds much less pretentious than “Writing A Journal” however, I don’t think the booniverse has really developed in the style of “blogging”. As I understand it; which is to say that while I write this the words are totally coming right from my ass to the screen, a blog is little bits and doodads while a Journal is more of a single cohesive piece thing. Sort of like all the pads of pretty shiny paper strewn about my desk with the cryptic notes on them that are supposed to be the short hand that reminds me of the project I scrawled them about. The blog is the scrawl, the journal (does that have to be capitalized? I think it might come with its own reverb so maybe it also comes with an implied “J”) is the project. The booniverse seems to be journal like if you take each individual entry as a single unit, however I sometimes do link pages for fun (which I haven’t done in a while. Hmmm!) and then there is the JSFR, which is definitely its own beastie. Most of the time I do a sort of day by day diary thing but sometimes it’s random free flow thought day here at the booniverse. Woe to y’all when that happens!

I’m still sticking with blog, but I may have a hybrid. Heh, I like the word hybrid, it reminds me of all those biology units on genetics. I totally dug the genetics in biology. It also reminds me of sweet peas but hybrid in itself is a fun word to say. Not as fun as Mmmmmmmmelon but close.

Anyway, so I suppose I’m in a rather cynical and melancholy mood today for a whole number of reasons, some of which are rational and some of which are not. It is September and the beginning of fall so I could place some blame there. I’ll also blame work because I like to blameshift there when I can. Heh. I was also talking to TheMan about this nasty fight of internet epic proportions that is going on about some sort of online award and that made me sad too. Long short, bunches of people are up in arms because someone got nominated for an award that THEY could think of ten-no twenty other people who deserved it more.

I realize intellectually that any nut job with a computer and a net connection can spout forth epic gobs of internet spew but I like to think that there are a few intelligent, well written people out there. I’m sure there are lots of them, but then you get your thirty-somethings with their high school mentality getting their panties in a wad because THEY or any of their clique didn’t get nominated for an internet award. Then I begin to think that there are actually fewer intelligent people out there than I first thought. If this keeps up I’ll have a teeny tiny list of people who can rub two coherent thoughts together and come up with something interesting to say. I guess every time the human race proves to me that we really are a mass of morons with a few shining exceptions it gets me down. I was hoping for better, you know?

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