Some Friday Blibber Blabber

Woah! Yesterday was a bunch of morose (heh, like that word too) and quasi angst all leaking out all over wasn’t it? Oi! Fortunately, today I am well caffeinated (Thank you Large Ass Starbuck’s Cinnamon Spice Mocha, which is one of the only ways to drink their nasty coffee) and on the verge of “hopped up on a good sugar buzz” so I’m feeling the fine at the moment. I also realized something last night that put things into perspective: I think a lot of people are confusing popularity with quality and there in lies a good deal of the internet Journaler problem. See, I’ll only spend money on a book if I like and enjoy the author’s work because life it too short to waste moolah on crap writing. The internet, on the other hand, is free. I’ll read a whole lot of mediocre stuff because duhhhh…free and bored and easily entertained here. I know I wouldn’t even look twice at the same stuff if I had to shell out cash to read it. I’m not sure some people get that.

Oh, except I did shell cash out to buy Will Wheaton’s new books (Dancing Barefoot and Just a Geek) and I enjoyed at least part of it immensely. The other part got loaned out before I GOT TO READ IT!!!! Note to self: When buying a cool book for TheMan that I might like to read too, just read it because otherwise he will loan it out to somebody and I’ll never see it. Hrrrm! So I guess there are a few people out there who rock the words enough for me to actually WANT to pay them for doing it, but on the whole…no.

Mmmm, lemon bars. Today I have pleased the Gods of Break Room Snacks and they have provided me with a muffin AND lemon bars. Praise be to the great and wonderful Gods of Mooch Food! I did not do as well with my offerings and prayers to the coffee gods, however, as my Cinnamon Spice Mocha was only so-so. The barista guy who made the drink today put in 4/4 shots (cinnamon to mocha) while the [cue reverb f/x] Official Starbuck’s Bible Of Drink Making dictates 5/2 (yeah, weird, only two shots of mocha BUT they seem to know what they are talking about because 4/4 is too chocolaty. Wait, did I just write the words “too chocolaty”?). Eh, at least it had the right amount of ESPRESSO! (wheee!)

My crank for today is for lazy people whose laziness results in more work for other people (particularly me). Don’t get me wrong about the Lazy because I’m all for the advancement of sloth as long as it doesn’t effect me. As soon as I have to step up my work because someone can’t be bothered to do theirs any more than half assedly, I begin to look for heads to smack. Today’s head smacking candidates are the people who have decided that the mutating phone list will be only available electronically. OK, I’m not too happy about that because now I have to print it out where as before it arrived all shiny and printed for me (wah wah! Cry me a river, I know, I know). OK, actually I’m not that grumpy about having to print it out now because what…5 extra minutes of work? Whatever, it probably saves trees and all that environment happy stuff. What I’m really all grumpy about is that they made the list compatible only with IE and they have established a margin default to boot (which you, the user, will have to change in your (IE) browser if you can’t properly view the list). So sorry, we lazy, sucks to be you – you non IE users. Fuckers. To top it off, they didn’t code in a “This page has been last updated on blah blah date” tag on a page that is constantly updating. What? FUCKERS! GAHHH!

OK, I’m better now. I just finished tossing out bunches of stuff, which I love to do, especially if it isn’t MY stuff. Heh. Therapeutic!

Oooo! This looks like an SAST shiny! Lucky for you folks!

SO! My (long!) weekend plans are to get at least one nap in there somewhere. It’s my number one goal (but evidentially I am too lazy to actually plan when exactly this Number One Goal shall take place. Heh!). We also have a Smithee thang going on Saturday, which means the woefully dirty house must needs be cleaned. On the bright side there, I’ve been rocking the dishes mostly all week so the Horde hasn’t been able to gain much of a foot hold in our kitchen. A-whoot! Unfortunately, the living room has been collecting bits and stuff here and there and again we are having horizontal space issues. Hate!

Sunday we have nothing planned, except for maybe picking up Badmovie and LunarGeography from the air port. Or maybe TheRCK’s fam will be picking them up. Or both, or maybe neither. Not sure of the exact logistics of that and I’m sure both Badmovie and LunarGeography would appreciate it most fully if we got it all straightened out. As far as I know, TheMan and I have been tapped for the job. I think? Eh, we shall figure it all out and life will roll on happily (hopefully without Badmovie and LunarGeography having spending the rest of their days at the airport! Although, they do have a really cool fountain and an elevated tram there to provide hours of non-stop amusement).

Monday, we get to go to the Mumses and see the new puppy! I’m also making three bazillion bean salad too. Yumm. Other than that, though, it looks like a pretty chill weekend for us. yay!

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