Oh, Luuuuucy

This is the newest member of The Mumses house (and yes, this entry is going to be pictolicious and full of sappy puppy shots). Lucy, or Lucyfer if you happen to catch her on one of her eXtreme puppy days, this is everyone. Everyone, this is…

HEY! No chewing on pants!

Or the camera strap.

OK, thumbs? Way off limits.

Errr…well I guess it’s OK to chew on the ball of wrapping paper, but don’t eat it!

And now for one of the many (manymanymany) trips outside. Small puppies gotta go (a lot). This small puppy doesn’t so much like the outside so here she is making haste for the front door. It’s pretty creepy weird how you can put Lucy almost anywhere on the front lawn and she can bee line it back to the door. It also puts the fun in those functional outings since you have to keep scooping the dog up and plopping her on the lawn until she does her business. Someday, Mumses and Mr. Paul hope that she will equate outside with “where you go” but she is only seven weeks (maybe eight?) old so she’s still at that stage where she goes when she has to. Yup, there was a lot of puppy watching and puppy rushing outside when she started sniffing about. And of course, the puppy trying to rush back inside because hell-o! Hot and ugly out. Lucy is nobody’s fool.

She even hunts a mean bone. Get that bone!

Or the camera strap. Things she is not supposed to chew on seem to be her favorite. Puppies chew!

On occasion, Lucy can be persuaded to chew something that she is supposed to chew. Notice the toys in the background of the first picture where she is chewing TheMan’s pants. See how they are just lying there unchewed while she goes for the shorts? That’s a new squeaky burger too but no. It’s gotta be the pants (or the strap, or the thumb or even my heel. Yowtch). They just must be tastier I suppose.

Of course, everyone’s got to hold the puppy (much to the puppy’s bewilderment sometimes). Hey, puppies are wiggly and cute.

And they chew. Did I mention about the chewing? Here’s Lucy on Sis’s husband’s lap looking at that tasty thumb.

Oh say! Here is proof that Lucy can sit and not chew. She also appears to be advertising for the Transweb team in this shot. Heh! I’m surprised she isn’t trying to chew the Transweb team. Maybe they are not so tasty to the puppy palate.

After a long session of wiggling, chewing and going, it’s time for a bit of a lie down.

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One Response to “Oh, Luuuuucy”

  1. Mum Says:

    What’s not to love about this puppy? Thanks for posting the pictures.