More Food and NaNoWriMo Fish

This is the latest creation at the Q house: Cinnamon Pear Muffins.

We are trying out a new food thing (well not so new to anyone who has been reading along with last week’s simultaneous food buying and planning trip – which I do not recommend) called “Save some damned money”. It is a pretty simple plan where TheMan and I actually buy enough ingredients for meals and leftovers for a week and then prepare said meals and package said leftovers. Oh yeah, and we don’t go out to eat (including breakfasts and lunches) every four minutes either. THAT saves a lot of money!

To reiterate, and because I am too lazy to link back and you are too lazy to weed through last week’s entries (and there is no shame in that sort of laziness. Let me be your Cheeto enabler) The Great Domestic Plan was to prepare three meals with lunch leftovers last week and alternate off days with lunch sammiches (because who wants to eat last nights leftovers for lunch the next day) and single serving meals. Last week’s Great Domestic Plan reality was Sunday’s meal was dinner and Tuesday’s lunch and this Wednesday’s lunch; Monday’s meal was dinner and dinner again on Friday and again tonight; Tuesday’s meal was Thursday and Today’s lunch; Wednesday we ordered in Chinese food (OK, so we do eat out once in a while) and had that again for Thursday’s dinner reprise and the remaining lunch days we packed sammiches. Oh, and I made bran muffins for breakfasts.

That’s a lot of food and we haven’t gone through all the stuff I bought. We still have some frozen salmon burgers, a whole turkey breast for crock potting, three packages of chicken, lunch meat, tuna and beans. Lots of beans. Yeah yeah. Which bring me to our next realization: We need a freezer chest, badly. There is not quite enough room for all the coffee, food, leftovers and booze in the upstairs freezer and I’m thinking if we had one of those freezer chests we could do this Great Domestic Plan up right. Of course we would also have to have a wipe board too so that we knew what was in the freezer chest and we would have to start marking our leftovers with the date (and the what) so that we would know when (and what) said item was frozen. The UFO (Unidentified Frozen Object) game can get old fast. My mother once had salsa, BBQ pulled pork and spaghetti sauce all unlabeled and all in the same packaging hanging out in her freezer. It’s like the Russian roulette of food.

We are getting there with the domestic food planning and I’m actually quite excited (save for the overabundance of food. Going to have to rethink the Plan a bit in order to get the food levels right for a single week) to see if I can get this Plan to work out and to see how much money it saves. So far, I figure in breakfasts alone it would cost the two of us about $8 to $10 a day (large mocha/OJ two breakfast eats) while making coffee in the mornings and eating muffins baked for the week we spend roughly $5 for SIX days. Yeah, I’m liking the stay at home eating, that extra $40 a week is looking mighty tasty. Plus I get to bake on a regular basis. Oh, speaking of which, the oven is backing up (I’ve got squash cooking for next week’s squash muffin extravaganza).

So that has been what is going down at the Q house lately as far as the Great Domestic Food Planning Project. Take a look at my pretty pear muffin pic, they were experimental and came out well. I was hoping for a cinnamon goo swirl thing throughout the muffin (like you might find on a cinnamon role) but the goo seemed to get absorbed into the body of the muffin. The top is still nicely cinnamon gooey though and they are good and moist. Booyaw. I’d like to comment, however, that pears are darned hard to peel and core without getting leaky pear juice everywhere. Plus, I made planned-overs with our pears that were going soft too fast to eat. I have no idea why I’m geeked about that but I am. Whoooo!

In other non food related news (other than the “I made TheRCK’s bean salad and it rocked seven ways to Timbuktu” shout out) my cat is going stir crazy, my other cat is the sleep monster (she just got up, yawned, turned around and went right back to sleep) and I’m feeling decidedly weird today. I think it is a combo of asthma, over caffination, and general non-finished project anxiety plus a good night of quasi-insomnia. Not to get all you insomniacs’ panties in a bunch because I *did* get to sleeping eventually, sorta, but it was ass for sleep. I woke up this morning feeling like I got maybe a twenty minute snooze in. Possibly 15 minutes. Whatever it was, I did not feel entirely human so I’m at home letting my body reacclimatize (which translates into sleeping, laying off the caffeine and hanging around in the AC which helps the asthma thing) and waiting for the asthma thing to go the hell away. Not so fond of the asthma thing.

Weird morning.

Last but not least, TheMan and I stopped at one of the B book stores (I can not remember which one, actually. I was going to type Borders, but I think it was actually Barnes and Noble) and picked up a little something somethings. It’s all the breakfast money, you see. Heh. Anyway, we got a 2005 Pimselur German phrase a day calendar (because last year we waited too long and had the choice of the Zen calendar and some stupid teen something or other calendar), some great Halloween cards and a couple blank books. One was full of graph paper, which tickled TheMan pink (and green and blue. It had different colors!) and the other was a purple blank book for me to start sketching comics in. Yes, I am going to try my hand at doing a comic thing, but only because Badmovie keeps asking me when I am going to do my web comic so he can Bogart the format. It’s going to be about fish, because I can draw fish more or less consistently and because fish are about the only thing I can draw more or less. I’m not making any guarantees about it being funny or well drawn and I will say up front that I am the worst artist in my immediate family and most probably in my new immediate family too, although I haven’t had a draw off with Mom Q yet. Plus, my funny is more a live action funny and I don’t think it will translate well (even to fish…although fish on fire might be considered funny – unless they are French – because people on fire are one of the prime staples of funny).

Still, I’m thinking of posting the fish comic for NaNoWriMo (except I’m going to call it NaDraFiMo for National Draw Fish Month) as a goal this year. Stay tuned for perhaps the worst comic ever (but all about fish!) coming this November.

And Badmovie, for your Bogarting pleasure, I think I have decided on a single 5×7 format. For sure. Mostly.

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