Invasion of the Sanity Snatchers

Meh, I don’t have much to talk about today except for the FREEKIN STUDENTS who are busy clogging up the campus. Bah! Students! I went to go hang with Shar for lunch and OH! The HUMANITY! They had no less than a bazillion tables set up for every single type of campus group you could possibly imagine all throughout the diag. Women Rec Volleyball? Right here! Co-ed Campus Glee Club? Over there! Students for Waterskiing? Across the Way! Join! Join! Join! The competing swag was fun though. Engineering Undergrads had kewl geegaws while Students for a Better Way Of Life had magnets and then there was the munchables. Always popular is the Giant Bag of Dum-Dums (because you get a zillion suckers for about a buck) but if you really cared, you would spend the extra dough and offer up some Cream Savers or even go all out and get the Hershey Minis.

Oi! I feel like a cranky old geezer today. “Hey, you students! Off my diag! In my day we didn’t have all this table business and the stopping. No, we RESPECTED the diag, we kept it uncluttered and most of all we didn’t blast the music so dang nabit loud!” OK, in my day we had the loud music, I confess, but I do not remember the miles of tables and whatnot all begging students to Join us! Please! We’re really cool! Look, we sported for the minis! Then again, in my day I tried to avoid the diag unless I was needing to do a little people watching.

Just two quick anecdotes from today. As I was walking into work I overheard a conversation between two students that went something like “That’s not the point! I don’t want to work very hard. I want to be moderately successful.” Nothing like setting your sights on average. I can understand the not wanting to work very hard because Cheeto is my middle name, but it was sort of funny to hear it come from the mouths of the young and upcoming. I thought students were all about the great and the glory and Things They Were Going To Do in college. Then they hit the work force and discovered that these goals might need to be reevaluated and they might just have to settle for Pretty Darned Good. Only after years of the daily 9-5 grind did the “Whatever, At Least I’m Getting A Check” start to rear its head. I can’t decide if this morning’s student was precociously wise or inherently lazy.

My second anecdote was really a visual. I noticed while passing the Student Waterskiing Club table that the fellow working it had his foot in a cast. Is that just strange advertising? It did amused me so I thought I’d share.

You will never guess what I did, mostly, through our departmental meeting. 10 boo points if you guessed “made a shopping list”. Wheeee! I’m all food bazoo! Next week’s theme may very well be pork. I got an interesting idea that deals with potatoes and pork bits (potatoes, good, pork, meat. How bad can it be?) and I also have the urge to continue with my quest to make the perfect pork chop. Someday, I shall cook the world’s most succulent pork chop ever. But not today.

I also sat through an interesting discussion about discontinuing a particular procedure. Long short, all present seem to understand said procedure therefore we no longer have to have such strict guidelines. No names were mentioned about who was having issues, but considering all of us left in the department were at the meeting it was kind of a moot point. Hmmmm, who is not at the table? Oh yeah, the person who left the department! That cracks me up when all care is taken not to mention anyone specifically, yet there can be only one person that fits the parameters. Not that you were talking about that person. Oh no! Did I SAY that person’s name?

Well, there you have it: all that is interesting going on around here. Sorry about that, other than Stupid Students! and Stupid Pork Chops! and Bizarro Departmental Meetings! nothing is really going on. Maybe something worth reading will happen tomorrow and I can get on with the fun posting!

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