Art Fair ’09 Opening Day

Welcome to Art Fair Day 1. TheMan and I went out on lunch to have a look see at what there was to see and then I snapped some pics so you all can see what there was to see. I am nice like that.

Even before Art Fair was open we ran across this spray painted on the curb. Normally there are numbers and hashes where the booths are supposed to go that show up sometime earlier in the week or even late the week before but I’d never seen “Honeycomb” on a curb. We said to ourselves, “Honeycomb? Buh?”

It didn’t help much when we came back and saw this. So we went up to the little info-hut and asked. They gave us free samples of Honeycomb and Honeycomb cinnamon and said it was an interactive station deelie. OK and hey, free Honeycomb!

Honeycomb kinda sucks as I later found out.

The other fun thing I saw and then took a pic of was that the city plopped plants in all its permanent trash bins to prevent random trashing. They had porta trashies set up everywhere to collect the art fair trash instead. I wonder what they are going to do with the plants when the fair is over?

Also on the way in to work we noticed a couple of these…bike rack like things hanging around. Art!

At the far end of South U we ran into the statue guy again. This year he has penguins and apparently this family of penguins got lost and are asking the bear for directions.

They had a local artists tent set up waaaaaay waaaaaaaaaay down at the terminal end of the South U fair where one lady had her digitally altered pics on display. She had a really nice air brush smoodged one of the bell tower but then I looked down at my feet and saw this pic looking me in the hairy eyeball. It’s the Law Quad in Demon-o-vision. AIEEEEEE! It made me wary of going back to work.

For reference, although she has squished up all three sides of the Quad into one pic (which I am too lazy to copy for you), this is what the Quad looks like without the demon colored glasses.

Lastly, here’s the metal sculpture guy I always have a picture of. I think I snapped a pic of his stuff the first time because it was way cool (still is) and then I did it again the next year because I forgot I had one from the previous year. Now I’m just including it because it makes me giggle. And it’s cool stuff.

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