Art Fair ’09 Day 2

TheMan and I took off a half day to see the rest of Art Fair today. We also made plans to meet up with my mom, sis and the nefling…who I may just start calling My Fat Nefling because the kid is HUUUGE!

I snapped a pic today of early morning Art Fair. I love the still before the crowds of people, it’s like I own the town for a little bit. Well me and the few other people who are out and about. I’m not greedy, there’s enough town to go around…at least for the few of us who are early morning wanderers.

On our way over to meet the gang we cut through the State Street Art Fair. Here’s Orion still being happy to be a sculpture but doubly so today because he’s surrounded by art.

An artsy shot of art reflected in art.

Banners! I think they are “YAY ART FAIRS” banners. They must be HUGE!

We saw this oddly colored truck whilst heading to meet up with the crew and giggled at the bumper sticker.

Yes, yes it is.

See what I mean? This kid was born December 2nd ’08 and he’s a GIANT! He’s also in to gumming cups (yum mom, STARBUCKS!) and you can see his feet doing the feet things. Truly the nefling has 4 sets of hands right now; the two closest to his head and the other two at the end of his legs. The boy likes to touch things with his feet. A lot. Feet are the new hands!

Yesterday and today this airplane was puttering around overhead letting us know that Miles of Golf was having a sale. It got to the point that we’d hear a plane engine and turn to each other and say, “Do you know where there are any good golf sales?” or “Hey! Did you know Miles of Golf is having a sale?” They must have dropped a ton of money on the banner flight time because that thing was constantly overhead.

We also saw, but did not get a picture of, one of the Blue Angles buzzing the Flemming Building (for those not in the know, the Flemming Building is where a lot of admin stuff takes place. It’s also designed more along the fortress lines than pretty building lines. Remind me one day and I’ll snap a pic but let’s just say that I don’t think you could get an office chair through any of the windows if you were wont to pitch one in or out. Security!). There was an air show going on at the same time but souther so the Angels did a couple fly-bys of the fairs. F-whatevers (22s? What do the Angels fly? Hold on…ahhhHA! F/A-18 Hornets) are really loud.

Looming stuffed turtle art.

Heh. I wanted to get some elephant ear bits (they were selling sticks things) but they had sold out. *sadface* I did get a giggle out of the slogan though.

The best ting about having a nefling along is that when sis wanted to stop and look at a booth, she and the stroller took up the whole area. TheMan and I decided that this just would not do because the stroller takes up too much room and the sun was cooking the poor nefling. So we took it upon ourselves to relocate the nefling to someplace shady. With fewer people. And with places to sit down and rest because of course we had to entertain the nefling. Best excuse EVER!

Damn people, GET OUTTA MY TOWN!

2008: Nefling not having any art fair this year.

2007: Oh wait, the corn was providing stalks for the beans to climb. OK, my bad. It’s the beans that are freeloading.

2006: Too lazy to update.

2005: Miles of golf probably still having a sale.

2004: I also like playing the “Find the most expensive piece of art” game and of course the “Would you look at THAT crap” game but mostly, I like seeing all the different stuff.

2003: The thing had a three foot spider-ameter (that would be the length of the biggest part of the spider body) and at least a fifteen foot spread of legs.

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