Kick Back Thursday

I’m eating a bag of carrots and for every one I crunch I’m thinking “This is not a bite of chocolate cake”. Carrots are a very poor substitute, I want some cake damnit!

Other than the chocolate cake thing (Mmmm, one of those thick thumpy truffle cakes with lots of frosting would be really nice), I’m pretty mellow today. It was much cooler in the morning and we even got a bit of rain. I also got charged the right price for my gigantic cinnamon spice mocha at the evil coffee shop and that was nice too. I don’t know what crack they were smoking yesterday but after my nap in the evening, I woke up and thought “Hmmm! Wait a minute, I can usually get a large CSM and a goodie for pennies over five bucks…so if I shelled out $4.50 yesterday morning, I paid way too much!” Of course I was drag-ass tired, which they no doubt have super special radar powers of detection for, so they probably thought “Heh, another one. Over charge her, she won’t figure it out until later on this evening!”

Maybe I should make up a placard that says I would like your biggest size Cinnamon Spice Mocha, please. 5 shots cinnamon, 2 shots mocha. Yes whip cream. $3.87 including tax and just hold it up when ordering.

I’ve been thinking about the fish comic here and there but not doing any drawing like I had planned. Instead, I have a couple characters in mind and an idea for one strip. Well, a punch line for one strip but it made me laugh so *I* think it’s good. Heh. I also did a little unrelated doodling in the car while waiting for TheMan last night which resulted in a slight change for one of my characters. I was going to feature a crab but then I drew this spunky wooden spoon wielding crawdad that I really liked. That’s what I love about preproduction, the ability to crustacean substitute on a whim. The ironic part of this whole story is that the 1KBWC card I was sketching is based on a real life incident…involving a crab (and yes a wooden spoon. And an old coworker’s kitchen and a half hour struggle to catch the crab and disarm it before throwing it into the pot of water).

Sneak Prieview of a fish character in the works! You saw it here first: prototype crustacean. Yeah, I know he doesn’t have feelier deelies and that the base of the spoon is weirdly bigger than the rest of the handle from one side of the claw to the other, but look at his feets! Does he not have the cutest feetie things?

Hmmm. I seem to also have an extra “a” hanging out but I know less French than I do Japanese.

Boy howdy do I have about jack else to say today I am realizing. We got home and I took a nap (sort of) so there wasn’t a whole lot of anything going on that I can relate here. Well, nothing other than the damned band that practices every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the house across the street from 6:00pm to 8 or 9 at night. Oh and ofcourse they have to have everything at full throttle and ofcourse they are brain thumping hip happy with the bass and ofcourse they practice shit ass music over and over and over again. I might be getting old but it seems to me that if your neighbor across the street, inside her house, in a room with a window AC unit going and a pillow over her head can still clearly hear your damned ass bassline while her husband cuts the front lawn, you just might have the amp tweaked a tad too high. I’m just sayin, that aint normal levels of neighbor happy volume output. Ugh. TheMan is hoping they get discovered really quick like so they will up and get a studio already.

I think the bass is freaking out my resident high strung cat too because the “I” has been super jumpy these past few weeks. Coincidentally, the band started with the thumping and the wailing and the whacking of drums at roughly the same time. Hmmmmm! Maybe I ought to sneak Isaak over to their house for a few days to try and convince them to drop a practice session or turn down the damn volume for two of the three days. Nothing like a nervous cat dancing on your head at 3am every night to convince someone to CUT IT OUT ALREADY! Poor cat, he is all a-twitch these days. The infernal bass must melt his poor smooth kitty brain and make him all crazy(ier).

Punk assed kids, GET OFF MY LAWN!

Alright, I truly have nothing more to say. See yas on the flip side.

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2 Responses to “Kick Back Thursday”

  1. dot Says:

    Hey, just convince Da Man to hook his Theriman(?) to his base speaker and you could have some sound wars.

  2. boo Says:

    Hee! Maybe I’ll see if we need to get out the big guns tonight.