The Loser’s Club

I think I said a while back that I was going to try and exercise every day in July and you know what? I have! No really, every day I carve out a bit of time wherein I specifically go and ‘do my working out’. So far I haven’t missed one even if a couple have sort of slopped over (technically) into the next day. Go me!

Sadly, my pants are just as tight or even tighter than when I started which hardly seems fair. On the other hand, I’ve got a pretty good set of arm muscles coming in. The Bowflex and I have been on decent terms this month even if I’m lifting weights lazy. I admit in public that my workout consists of exercises that do not involve me moving the weight bench or adjusting the amount of weight on the…bars? Bows? Whatever they call the bendy things. Yeah, I am lazy BUT! I’m getting my proper pairs of muscles all worked out plus I’m doing a little rotator cuff muscle sets all while doing the least amount of work.

Actually, I do adjust the weight settings on the rotator cuff deelies because no one wants to blow out a rotator cuff muscle trying to build them up to prevent them from blowing out. That’s just embarrassing.

I’ve also noticed that 20 minutes on the Norditrack just flies by. It’s like nothing, all woosh woosh woosh watching my DVD episodes and the next thing I know the timer is beeping at me. I think I’ll keep up the everyday thing in August too, maybe bump up the Bowflex weights some and go 30 minutes on the Norditrack (20 with the arms. Yeah, I’m not doing the arms this month, it’s enough that I’m getting on the thing and doing it). Hopefully August will show a significant improvement in pants room.

The other thing that’s happening in August is that TheMan, my crazy leveling coworker and I are doing a “Cheerleader Challenge” (or the loser’s club, depending on who or what you are talking to). My crazy leveling coworker is afraid that if he continues to do nothing he’ll drift over the three cheerleader mark very soon so he’s decided to get a little competition going. We’re going to run August to August, weighing in every week and see who has lost the most weight over a year. I expect I’ll have to start buckling down and getting serious with this working out…maybe even adjust the weight bench!

2008: It’s rarely that we get cat on the stove or in the fridge.

2007: JSFR: Nude Pepero

2006: It was about 4 million percent humidity outside and at least 200 degrees (Oooo! I could have made steamed dumplings!).

2005: We managed to miss it by my sheer reflex driving and I have one question about that whole incident: Who plops a traffic island in the middle of an intersection without any warning?

2004: Oh, and everything hurt yesterday. Even my fat. How can fat hurt? That’s just not right.

2003: Unfortunately I missed the transition so I was still on ‘OK, he’s all appreciative to be here etc.’ mode when the bodies, mass grave and starving five year old came zinging out of no where.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    If you want to do pilates, let me know…I have some DVDs.

    Also, I just noticed and read your “cast” link. You need to add a “StalkerPatti” entry…I can search through the LJ stuff to try to find my first ever post!

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