Deja Thursday

I love the weeks where Friday rolls around but it feels more like it is Thursday. By the end of the day it hits me that I Don’t Have To Come In To Work Tomorrow! and it feels like I’ve just worked a short week. Whoooo! On the other hand, I’ve had way too many more of the kind of weeks where Wednesday feels like it should be Friday and by the time Friday actually gets here it feels like I am on my seventh straight day of work. Plus, every time I wake up after Wednesday, when it should have been the weekend, I had to go to work so by Friday my poor body thinks it is in hell and will be coming to work every day for the rest of my life.

So whoot on the feeling like somehow I’ve cheated the U out of a work day but man, people in general are making up for all that good short week karma. This morning at the crack of The Library Is Now Open, this couple set up camp in the copy room and started going to town with the copies. ZzzzzWhrrrr (stare at me through the window). ZzzzzWhrrrr (stare at me through the window). ZzzzzWhrrrr (stare at me through the window). ZzzzzWhrrrr (stare at me through the window) for THREE SOLID HOURS! What’s that about? I don’t think we have any books left that they haven’t copied some or all of. They left around lunch and I was all YAY until THEY CAME BACK IN THE EARLY AFTERNOON. For what? They went through the entire collection ALL MORNING! Maybe they had to go to another library, take all THEIR books and bring them back here to their favoritest copy machines.

New House Rule: If you spend more time copying than you would have reading the whole damned book, just go out and buy it, Mmm’Kay? People!

Yesterday we hung out with Rob and Joanna and I totally forgot to drink any beer (which was one of the main reasons for going over there in the first place). D’oah! But we ordered take away from Out Back and were introduced to “Aussie Cheese Fries” or Cheesey fries that will put you down under (about six feet) if you ate them with any sort of frequency. They came as an entire heaping plateful of deep fried tater fries with a helping of bacon and smothered in cheese. Plus, they came with a side of ranch dipping sauce. You know, because a metric ton of fry cube, an entire underbelly of a pig and half of Wisconsin’s cheese output just wasn’t *quite* enough. It’s the ranch dipping sauce that really makes this baby shine. glahhhhhhhh.

I’m hoping this isn’t how Aussies actually eat because if they do, why aren’t they all dead at 30?

We then watched some of the animated The Tick episodes. I’d forgotten how funny that show was (these aren’t baked goods, they’re baked BADS!) even though I saw maybe three episodes when it originally aired. Wouldn’t you know, one of the episodes we watched last night was one of the three I had seen before BUT, it has The Tick wrestling the tongue of a 50 foot dinosaur to try to get the creature to swallow a three foot aspirin. How can that NOT be worth watching again (and again and again. Hee!)? After that, and the disastrous JSF tasting (How can one company screw up chocolate chip cookies so badly?) we tootled on home and to bed.

Tonight we are going out to see Sky King and the World of Tomorrow, I’ll let you know how it is (if I remember). Ciao!

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