Pony Chops? Noooooooooo!

This Saturday was our 8th annual Beach Party Bru-ha-ha in which the surprise du…what’s ‘year’ in French? Anyway, I found these in the freezer at the end of the night.

The story behind Pony Chops, if I haven’t already told you, is that way back when, I was rooting about the Badgarden’s kitchen and I spied the shopping list. Not one to let a list lie, I added ‘pony’ to it because who doesn’t want a pony? Badmovie caught the addition a little while later and assumed his wife had added to the list so he did a little modification. After all, you can’t really get a pony at Sam’s (for the list was indeed the Sam’s Club list) but he figured he might be able to find pony chops.

Weeks later when we were all over for gaming, LunarGeography wandered into the kitchen to get a drink and then uttered a mournful wail of “Pony chops??!? Noooooo!” We all had a really good laugh. Fast forward to Saturday evening when I was getting some sorbet out and a bag of headless ponies labeled “pony chops” fell out of my freezer. That was funny. I was a little disturbed about where the heads had gotten off to but then again, you really can’t have ‘chops’ if the whole pony is in the freezer.

Man, what a weekend. Before the Pony Chops we had an awesome amount of people, beer, cleaning, MEAT, rain and hot. TheMan and I took off Thursday and Friday and did quite a bit of cleaning. We probably could have done even more because once again we butted right up to the Bru-ha-ha doing prep work and cleaning. I heeded my warning from last year and managed to scrub down half the kitchen Monday but then I did nothing really until Thursday (just a tad) and Friday (a tad more) and then Saturday (OHMYGOD! THEHOUSEISMESSY!!!). Next year I think I will do even more beforehand so that I’m just cleaning the living room of cat debris the day of the party. That really can’t be done ahead of time but a lot of the upstairs work can as well as the other half of the kitchen.

TheMan spent Saturday morning before the party cleaning and rearranging the upstairs and HOLY COW! Somehow he managed to muck out about 80% of it and now we have an awesome area to hang and do stuff. WroXXor. Of course it wasn’t all work on our time off; we did take some to go see the new Transformer’s movie (eh, needed more robots less juvenile humor) and we watched a movie or two at home. I didn’t even have to water my garden because Wednesday (I think) it rained pretty convincingly and Saturday morning dawned with some ferocious storming. Then the weather cleared up and we had gorgeous the rest of the afternoon. YAY!

Quite a lot of people made it out and brought all sorts of tasty food but not as many people drank beer as I had budgeted for. Note to self: Get beer for half the number of people who RSVP yes. We have so much beer left over. There are two growlers in the fridge, LG took a growler home, we made StalkerPatti bring a growler over and take home beer, there are three pitchers of beer in the fridge plus a water bottle full of beer and TheMan and I have been having 3-4 beers with evening meals. So! Much! Beer!

Sunday we drank beer and generally relaxed. It was awesome. Then, around 1 in the morning my sleep was disturbed by something pokey under the cat bed so I investigated. What should I find on the bed but the pony heads. Of course I did. The Badgardens outdid themselves this year.

2008: Every Bru-ha-ha has its own unique surprises.

2007: There was an offer.

2006: We didn’t know if we could refuse it or not.

2005: Lesson one about comparatives: Take a coffee cup. If you have another coffee cup that will hold more coffee than the one you are currently holding, then the other one is LARGER than the cup you are holding.

2004: Besides, we have too much beer to drink first.

2003: Really. Like gallons of it.

3 Responses to “Pony Chops? Noooooooooo!”

  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    I am still pissed that I was sun-sick 🙁 I was really, really ill. I sat in air conditioning for hours that night and still felt awful…my face just felt red and in fact, it also looked red. I wish I could blame it on drinking, but I couldn’t eat or drink that day at the beer fest. Oh. Not eating could have had something to do with it, too.

  2. Boo Says:

    No worries. TheMan has to watch himself closely since he is prone to heat stroke so I hear you on the sun sick. There’s nothing better than an air conditioned room when you are feeling utterly sun crappy.

  3. TeacherPatti Says:

    It may be because he and I both have a lot of hair. Back in the day, I went to the art fair without a hat or hair scrunchie. That was a big, big mistake.

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