Happy Birthday TheMan, Here’s My Garden!

Check it out: TOMATO RIG! TheMan put this beasty together and I loveLoveLOVE it! I could, theoretically, hang 10 tomato plants on it and they wouldn’t be crowded. I only had enough rigging for 5 (are there 5 up there? I can’t remember) seeings as I sort of miscalculated with the carabeaner(?) hook doodads. Apparently, once you slip the hook fella onto the pipes, you can’t open it wide enough to get the bucket handle through. Hence the double hook set up (which you can see…)

Here! This is a CU of an angry upsidown tomato, except it has other ideas about growing upsidown. Mainly, it doesn’t want to. None of them do and they are really angry about it. TheMan also prepped the buckets by drilling the hole in the bottom. He is AWESOME yo, especially on his birthday.

Hee! My first baby tomato from the hanging crew. I think they are too angry right now to put effort into making tomatoes because they are well behind the ground based tomatoes in fruitition.

Here’s some ground based tomatoes tomatoing. Yum in about 1-1.5 weeks. Sadly, TheMan hates tomatoes so he’s doubly awesome for helping me so much with my tomato dreams.

Here, somewhere in that pic, is a volunteer tomato. It isn’t yet tomatoing but hopefully I’ll get something out of it by the end of the season. If I’m right, these were the tasty golden tomatoes.

Of course I have hot peppers. I think this is a giant jalapeno that isn’t yet giant but I have two or three small fellas that are ready to harvest and become a vegetable korma ingredient. Mmmmm. I harvested a weird Hungarian pepper that I’m pretty sure is a hybrid because it was light red, which Hungarians don’t do, and it was FREEKIN hot (owowowowowowow!) which Hungarians aren’t. I have no idea what it is, but my best guess was Hungarian x PAIN pepper. TheMan thought it was mighty fine tasty.

Look! Cuke! Isn’t it adorable?

And then there is my winter squash. It’s fruited 3 squashlets so far and 2 of them have shriveled up and died. Sadness. Maybe I need to water it more or whatever, don’t know what’s going on there but the plant looks healthy and the tiny squash look healthy for two or three days and then – KAK!

The Ugly pumpkin has yet to even make a baby pumpkin despite a bunch of flowers. Instead, it’s trying to take over StalkerPatti’s potatoes. I’m not sure who to root for actually.

Pretty pretty pretty.

2008: Today is TheMan’s 37th birthday, which I’ve arbitrarily decided is the tortilla birthday.

2007: Why can’t birthdays all fall on weekends so they can be celebrated properly with a good sleeping in?

2006: We celebrated on Saturday with the Fifth Annual Beach Party Bru-ha-ha and the sun crashed the party. Oi it was Hot!

2005: JSFR: Maeda-en Mochi Ice Cream (vanilla)

2004: Too many tomatoes to update!

2003: Ha. Just clearing out the Riff-raff from TheMan’s Birthday Entry.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    I will sacrifice a potato plant for the Ugly Pumpkin.

  2. Boo Says:

    You may be sacrificing two or three. That pumpkin’s on the move!

    (I’ll go out one of these days and try and detangle the mess before the ugly pumpkin takes over everything)

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