Chill in the Bones

Here are the low fat lemon poppy seed muffins I made for this week. They rock the lemon and the poppy seed, yo, but the low fat is a little thin tasting. Will the madness ever stop? Maybe. Will you have to look at new muffin pictures every Monday? Quite possibly. Just be glad TheMan and I don’t have any kids. Yet.

So yeah. Muffins. I had to wander over to the Joy of Cooking because ol’ Betty failed me on the lemon poppy seed recipe. Betty’s kind of strange like that where there are a few surprisingly basic recipes that are just not part of Betty’s repertoire. I believe she is also missing a basic brownie recipe or chocolate cake recipe or something like that as well so every so often I find I have to haul out the big guns. I dislike the Joy of Cooking’s layout but damned if it wont answer any food prep question you ever thought you might want to ask. Plus, it seems to have about 13 zillion variations on a particular recipe theme and one of them (ta da!) was lemon poppy seed muffins.

Joy also included a low fat variation so I thought I’d give that a go. They weren’t so bad as far as low fat muffins go but in the general scope of the muffin world I’d have to say that I really did miss the fat. Fat makes a muffin thumpy and thumpy muffins make me happy. Thumpy muffins probably also make my butt fluffy so I suppose low fat and solidly edible isn’t so bad a muffin description. Besides, I did something to the recipe which resulted in a turbo lemon experience (but I’m not entirely sure what, exactly). I almost didn’t miss the fat what with the lemoness going on. Almost. I also failed to double the recipe and there by failed to make enough batter to supply us with a whole week’s worth of muffins but I did manage to drop a globbit of the precious batter in my shoe. How does that happen?

As a final note of strange, the recipe I used calls for 4 tsps of baking powder. 4 tsps! I made six muffins total, that’s 2/3 tsp per muffin. Riiiiiiise my zombie low fat muffin minions! Do my bidding and take over the world!

Hee! Low fat zombie muffin minions.

So what all happened on the weekend? Friday…errrr…yeah. I think I took a nap. Mmmmm, tasty sleeeep (not today, my muffin minions. Your evil zombie overlord needs a bit of a lie down). Saturday we didn’t play the Traveler game but we did go over and visit. Baby D was motoring all over the house here and there doing motoring toddler things of great importance. I’m not sure how gaming is going to work with her that mobile but next session, hopefully, we will get first hand experience. Other than motoring and redecorating (she has a very set opinion on what should be stacked where) Baby D has developed some words since we saw her last. She has a pretty recognizable “daaaaaaaaadeeeeee” and I think she has a “dog” too. She’s working on the Ds, appropriately.

Ooooo! Sidebar: I just want to add my testimonial here that Ziplock container deelies are not All That. I just had one, full of frozen chili, that had been thawing on its side and leaked all over the damned place. Now I have fodder to yell at the TV next time they show that ad with the thing-it of soup or whatever liquid and the announcer smirking “Do you trust your Glad container deelie? How do you KNOW it has sealed? With a Ziplock deelie you not only know it is sealed BUT you also know all the answers to life’s pesky questions. Buy our stuff!” Hey, Mr. Announcer guy, I’ll tell you how you know if it is sealed; it doesn’t leak chili all over the floor in my office, THAT’s how you tell if the damned thing is sealed. I’m especially curious to know if the Glad deelies can handle the chili test because you KNOW I’m going to be popping a vein at the Ziplock ad next time if they do.

Sunday I did dishes (ra-ta-ta-ta-teetle-dee-do) and made my first batch of muffin minions, and then promptly ate a third of their number. Muahahahaha! It’s good to install a little fear into your muffin minions with random acts of destruction (and breakfast). I even shared one of the muffins with my co-evil zombie overlord master, there by proving beyond a doubt my propensity towards evil overlordness. What could be scarier than randomly eating a zombie muffin minion but sharing a zombie muffin minion with my evil overlord zombie master in crime AND serving the muffin minion with mocha? I am all about the evil here.

Sunday I also realized that Fall has finally arrived when I had to go get some socks to wear (or watch my feets, already blue at this point, fall completely off from the chilly morning air). Sadness. I’m wearing socks today too and I’m still a bit chilled. Damn the cold weather, what happened to summer? Brrrrrr! Pretty soon I’m going to have to crack out the winter warmies and there will be no green and we’ll have 4 hours of daylight and the snow and the cold and WAHHHH! Man, summer sure did go by really fast no?

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