The Joy of Tuesday SAST

Hey look! No muffin pictures. You are indeed special today, although this does remind me that I have not done a picto-blog for a while now. You are warned!

I am, however, several weeks ahead on the JSFR goodness so you Snack Food Junkies can expect to see some regular updates over there. We have, still, quite a back stock on JSF and a couple Taiwanese (Vietnamese? Korean? Chinese? I don’t remember but they amused me so I think I am going to let them in on honorary status) offerings so the month of October looks set for regular JSFR posting. Whooo!

Hey lookie look! A sacred Tuesday post and, if I’m right about this, a random topic jumping post to boot. No muffins, the promise of a regular JSFR AND an SAST! Wow, I can feel the love from here. Oh wait, that’s sort of the duhhh news since the love starts here and then goes out to y’all. OK, errr, moving on.

TheMan made polenta yesterday, which is just another one of those fun words to say. PollllllllllllENTA! Hee. Anyway, I took a nap to recharge my evil zombie overlord batteries while TheMan attempted to create this wonderful tasty dish. I didn’t get much sleep because step three of polenta (polllllllENTA!) making says “wrap your arm in a towel because this stuff splatters” and somebody decided that towels were for sissies. This same somebody then discovered that the recipe peoples really weren’t kidding about the plasma hot globules of polenta goo that come flinging out of the pan so my nap was punctuated by short bursts of “Yieeee!” and “Ouch Damnit!” and “Gahhhh!” along with some longer “AiiiAiiiAiiiAiii”s and a few “GoddamnitsonofabitchPOLENTAfucker!”s, all of which made trying to nap quite a challenge. TheMan’s take on the whole thing was “This had better be damned fucking good because then I can say I made it and never have to make it again!”

It was pretty tasty but a tad salty. Note to selves: Use half the amount of bullion and always travel with a towel. I thought it was pretty much the BOMB, actually, but probably mostly because it went woulba woulba like corn bread Jell-o when I poked it. Hee! I’m not going to say that I got perhaps way to much enjoyment out of poking the polenta so let’s just move on to the next subject shall we?

Right! And here we are already. How’s that for prompt? Anyway, I spent some quality time last night with a skein of yarn, a crochet hook and some afghan square directions. I abandoned the first circly square thing I was doing because I think it was a bit too advanced for my novice circle self. I probably could have easily done it linearly (I think I have, or something like it anyway) but the whole circle thing still has me a bit stymied. There is no shame in downgrading to a simpler pattern (damnit) and hey! I like the basic circle pattern. I do! I rocked the stitches too and made two complete circle revolutions before I had to stop and puzzle out the directions. It almost looks like an itty bitty afghan square. Awwww! At this point I’m not sure about the whole circly afghan squares things but I’ll have to fiddle more and see if I completely hate them or if they are alright once you puzzle them out.

Hold on to something, topic change. I have about had it with Eudora and the spazzy new junk filter. I have been fighting with it for three days now but nothing I change seems to convince Eudora that my coworkers are sending me honest to goodness e-mail I might be interested in seeing. Oh sure, on occasion I don’t care to know about football tickets or Avon sales but it can’t be that every single person I work with is spamming me the junk. My junk folder might as well be my in box these days. Gahhhh! If I can’t find the “Cut it out already” button I’m going to have some sort of twitchy fit here. HATE! That’s what you get for upgrading! Stupid stupid…HATE!

Ugh. Well tonight I am either going to be working on the shirt again or if I’m not feeling up to par (which I haven’t been for a couple days now but I am NOT getting The Sick. You heard it here first), I’m going to be puttering with afghan squares or maybe dinking with another project I have in the works. I feel a mellow night of me and my ever lingering projects coming on, especially since TheMan is caught up at work until 10pm. What’s that about? Oh yeah, that’s how he gets paid! Hee. He’s off shooting some awards dinner whatsit so I have the evening to myself it seems. Hello languishing projects, remember me?

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