Birthday Weekend Recap

I took a vacation day Friday because I have quite a lot of them knocking around and it was TheMan’s birthday. We had some plans to go out and see a matinee of TheMan’s choosing, but Up was the only interesting movie playing. TheMan didn’t want to waste his “Any movie you want babe” card on Up so we held off on the movieage. That and we got up too late to make the 11:45 showing.

OK, that’s not entirely true since we did get up in time for 6:30am Harvest Moon CafĂ© birthday breakfast (yum American Fries! Like hash browns but better!). We are not, however, crazy and went back to sleep as soon as we got back home. Mmmm, nap. Afterwards, we boogered around on Warcraft for a bit and had a whole day of slackery. It was awesome. In the evening, TheMan fancied him a game of FreeCiv so we fired it up and went to town exploring, building, getting eaten by bandits, and whatnot until it was 3 in the morning. Damned FreeCiv.

Saturday we also slept in but not enough for my taste. I woke up at 10am and my mind was all, “Hey! Good to see you stumbling about. Here’s what we’re gonna do today starting Right! Now!” Stupid brain. We had some ground turkey what needed cooking and the rest of the fixings for chili so I started in on that only to find the turkey browning skillet was AWOL. I made deviled eggs instead and added fresh garden chives and fresh garden basil. Tas-T!

Eventually, TheMan wandered out and located the skillet so we started in on the chili making. I threw in the bizarre Hungarian something pepper and let the chili simmer all afternoon while we did some more Warcraft boogering. Around 4:30 it was time to go to the brew pub for the first “Dinner and a Smithee” so we never got to have any of the chili (other than cooking tastes…which were mighty fine indeed). Eventually the pot was going to be divvied up for lunches but I was still on vacation and didn’t feel like doing that particular chore. So I didn’t! HA!

Dinner and a Smithee went well. David the Muppet King brought this bean planting game which was a whole lot of fun to play and we cracked out our “Before I kill you Mr. Bond” game which I’ve never played. I’m considering making the theme for the next Smithee Nite “Bring your unplayed Cheap Ass Games”. Tijuana Death Match WILL BE PLAYED!!! (someday). TheMan and I walked home past the stalker kittens house and almost got a couple of them to come over for pettins. Someday my kitty pretties, someday.

Sunday was Sunday. I got a ton of JSFRs photographed and a couple written up (Mochi Month!) and TheMan got his second Warcraft character to 80. Huzzah! I watered my plants and then we moseyed on out to the Badgardens for the Ars game. Lastly, I worked out again for the second straight August day in a row despite the lateness of the hour. I really need to plan these working out times better. I managed to complete my July working out without missing a day but a couple of them were mighty late in the evening. FreeCiv day may have technically been the next calendar day but I’m counting it anyway. What? I hadn’t gone to sleep yet.

2008: JSFR: Bakery Flat Style Melon Pretz

2007: Come on, be an adult and take the time to put trash where it goes because nobody else wants to touch your grody, poorly discarded things.

2006: I think a couple nights ago she saved us from certain doom at the hands of purple cow and last night she vanquished the dastardly plaid catnip cat.

2005: Well, it seemed totally reasonable. He forgot my yo-thing so I figure he owes me eats right?

2004: FreeCiv ate your update.

2003: It was a long game.

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