Sad Things a Happening

Ehhhhh, BAH! I was Having. A. Day. yesterday and wrote about it in a generally vague way but I never did finish it. Then, I wasn’t at work and lo! I was much happier (imagine that). To sum up: Work = bad; not work = good. That about covers it all, I do believe. I did reprint my first paragraph, though, just to show y’all what I have saved you from by deleting the entire post. Trust me, it went spiraling down into a huge hole of WAH! Take a look:

Hello all from what is turning out to be a rather disgruntling Wednesday. Remember that Dunkin Donuts ad where the donut guy goes in day after day “Time to make the donuts” and the seasons change while he is still every day “Time to make the donuts”? At the end he steps out the door “Time to make the donuts” and he meets himself coming back “I’ve already made the donuts” and man, do I know how he feels. Well, except I’ve only ever made donuts once and I do believe they are on my surprisingly short list of Ultimate Kitchen Disasters We Do Not Talk About but anyway. It’s getting donuts here.

Right then, moving on! In the news, I have managed to completely misplace a counted cross stitch project I have been working on for something like four years. I went to finally finish the thing up…well OK no. I went to snag the utility parts to start another project because I’m bored with the first project but I was unable to find hide nor hair of said first project. Anywhere. Not in the crafts drawer, the night stand drawer, in the pile of crafts stuff, on the monster, downstairs, upstairs, the freezer, nowhere. It’s completely gone from the face of the earth. The project has survived three moves only to up and wander off somewhere. I’m really not that sad about losing my firstest project ever, even though I was about an hour or two from completing it, and I’m not particularly upset at having lost the pieces parts either, even though I can not start a second project now. I’m mostly really perplexed about where the project might have wandered off to. I mean…where? I’ve looked in all the logical and semi logical places and turned up bupkiss. It’s got me completely flummoxed.

Oh! Sniff! There was also much sadness in the boo house yesterday when I discovered this:

My lap top is falling apart! Wah! The shiny! The new! All gone! Now I have the ugly flaking and the crazing. My ‘puter’s got the mange. Wah! The popular theory is that the powerbook was bested by the JSFR, which is always photographed on that side of the lap top. However, it also happens to be where I rest my hands and since the other side is crazing too that seems more plausible. I have come to the conclusion it is a manifestation of my new super powers of long term wear and tear and mild corrosiveness. I can make anything flake given a couple years of constant handling, BEWARE! Fear my awesome powers!

Yeah, I know. I’m so a Moorlock. I suppose they would tend to notice someone who came into Fort Knox every day to caress the vaults over a three year period so there goes my life of easy crime. Damn! Maybe I can become a high paid saboteur and infiltrate the space program. You know, fondle some O rings or something. I’ll have to give it more thought. Meanwhile, my powerbook has dandruff. *sniff*

So, my projects for this weekend include washing and or waxing and most probably oil changing at least one of the vehicles, maybe more. Then there is the shopping, which will include a trip to all the freezer chest places to compare prices and functionality and what not. Perhaps I’ll actually make the ravioli that I’ve been almost tempted to make since last Saturday when I bought the semolina flour but man. Muffins AND ravioli in the same weekend? That seems like work! Heh. We are off gallivanting to the Mumses on Saturday so expect more obligatory cute puppy pics. But of COURSE! Did I not warn you about the immanent picto-blog?

You know, I’ve got not much else to say that isn’t rambling so I’m going to stop here while the entry is short(ish) and amusing. Maybe. Well, *I’m* amused so there’s that. See yas Friday, give or take.

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