Red Dragon Roll Sushi Yum

TheMan found an interesting food thing on teh intertubes so we thought we’d try making it Tuesday. I was all set to post a Tea Eggs recipe for you today but our eggs turned out a bit bland. He did some more reading up on them today and we have a couple new things to try so hang in there and I’ll post Tea Eggs when we have a recipe I feel is worth the posting. Tea Eggs are really bizarre and could be potentially tasty…if we could get the spices to fuse properly into the egg.

I have a ton of blueberries, thanks to K-Roget’s 10 for $10 blueberry sale, and have been surfing teh ‘nets for tasty recipes. I’m not much on munching blueberries as a fruit but darned if I don’t love me some blueberry pie. Or cake. Or muffins. Basically, if you cook a blueberry in some sort of tasty sweet way I’m probably bound to like it. Even blueberry wine is tasty (I’ll be going back for more bluterberries later this week for just that purpose) but I’ll pass on chowing on raw blueberries. Stay tuned for the Friday breakfast Blueberry-lemon-cornbread muffins, which I shall make and post Thursday. Yum-hat-2 I hope.

I believe I’m SASTing this because I’ve got all sorts of bits of info to tell and not a lot of it is connected. Fortunately a lot of it is about food so that’s kinda cohesive so there is that. Yesterday I went out to lunch with Alessar to Red Hawk. We’re both trying to eat better (damn you Cheerleader Challenge!) so I decided to go with a terikayi salmon pita wrap thing with balsamic vinaigrette greens (as a side, not on the sammich, although here were greens on the sammich too). OHMIGOSH! It’s the best thing since sliced toast. It’s all that and TWO bags of chips. People, you need to get you out to Red Hawk and try this sammich because it’s more awesome than awesome. Plus it has pickled onions on it which were fab.

Sadly, that just whetted my salmon appetite and I’ve been in a salmon frame of mind ever since. Thus, tonight I asked TheMan if we could go out for sushi. Ichiban is still having their half off sushi sale and because we carpool with LunarGeography (and she loves her some sushi) we all went out for eats. We got several lots of the fancy rolls since they were HALF OFF! and who can say no to half off special rolls? Not us. For future reference the Red Dragon Rolls are more awesome than the Green Dragon Rolls (which are nothing to sneeze at mind you). We also tried the Fire House rolls and they were a big hit. They’ve got something tempurad inside which gives them a delightful crunch. Double Spicy was not all that but eel was, as always, delicious. We rounded out the platter with Philadelphia Rolls and decided 6 rolls for 2 people is too much food.

Notice the lack of salmon in our sushi. Ahhh whoops. That’s OK; LG and I are planning a trip out to Eastern Market Saturday with StalkerPatti for things and stuff. Hopefully there will be duck eggs to purchase because I want to see if indeed duck eggs make everything a bajillionty times tastier (the internets tell me they do!). We might also get some salmon if they have some for to grill up later that night and fruits would be a good thing to snag. You know, what with the whole eating healthy and all. I’m packing a fruit and a veggy for lunches in an attempt to curb candy jar munching. I hope that by stuffing my face with healthy food I’ll have less desire to go raiding the candy jars. It’s working, but just barely and I think that’s only because I’ve come to the conclusion that I am a fat ass and I really need to cut it out with the snackering. Still, a peach is a far cry from a baby Snickers you know?

Hey! I’m still working out every day! I really don’t want to a lot of the time but I have so much momentum that it would be a shame to blow it on account of lazy. I even did extra more working out yesterday (at 11 something at night) even though I was feeling crappy and said I could reneg on the “20 minute Norditrack only if there are arms too” deal. I was going to allow myself to do a lazy 20 but then I thought, “Eh, I’ll add the arms until I fall over dead and then I’ll not do arms. I expect that will be in about 5 minutes but then I won’t feel like such a wus.” So I added some armage and didn’t stop until it was about time for the timer to go off. Thus, I did *more* arm work than I had previously and I was feeling less well about it too. I think I’ve gone mad.

I have to get up early tomorrow so we can take the bug into the fix-it shop. Some asswipe sideswiped it while we had it parked in the subs for the Bru-ha-ha and the driver’s side mirror is good and shattered. Did they leave a note saying, “Sorry I BROKE YOUR CAR DRIVING LIKE A FUCKTARD here’s my info”? Of course not. We only found out about it the next day when our neighbor discovered the damage and let us know. If everyone could think petty thoughts of financial hardship at the shitball who hit and ran us, I’d be awfully grateful. How do you not realize you’ve ripped off a mirror from a parked car on the side of the road? I don’t think you do, I think you’re a chickenshit who doesn’t want to own up to your mistake so now we’re out $200 thankyouverymuch. I hope whoever you are, you little cartard, you get double that and more coming to you.

OK, off to work out. I think I’m going to add some lunges to the weights routine. Wish me luck.

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  1. Mumses Says:

    I’ve been making blueberry smoothies.

    1 pt blueberries
    1 banana (for thickness or use a blueberry yogurt and omit milk)
    1/2 cup milk (about)
    3-5 ice cubes

    Blend until smooth

    This makes two regular smoothies or one huge smoothie.

  2. Boo Says:

    Or 4 smoothie shots! Sadly I ate all my bananas so I’m going to have to go shopping before making smoothies.

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