The Dawn of the Weekend

Greetings y’all on a Friday that just WOULD NOT GET HERE ALREADY. Hrumph! Wednesday was my cranky day and Thursday felt like Friday and now it’s Friday again and the day is slithering along at slug speed. I need to find some gigantic bigger than day deity to pick up this slug slow day and fling it as hard as he/she/they/it can against the weekend wall. That way wala! It’s Saturday and I’m sleeping in and I will have already done the damned shopping.

I am so not looking forward to that tonight. But! If I shop after work (and after dropping TheMan off because he Hates (HATE!) him some shopping) then all I have to do tomorrow is wash/wax/detail/ and or change the oil in one or both cars tomorrow. I am not making a firm plan about my exact itinerary because if I leave it at “do something clean or maintenance like to at least one of the vehicles” then I can just about do any simple chore and say to myself “Well! Checked that off my list. Time for a nap”. I am all about the naps, yo.

I wonder if we have an oil pan.

Yesterday, despite it being Friday for the first time, was pretty interesting. Mom Q was down so we all went out for socialization and munching at Paesano’s. TheMan and I love us some Paesanos but we can’t afford to be regular customers so we go occasionally. I think the last time we went was for Valentine’s Day. Anyway, we went on this occasion and three of the four dinners were OK. OK?!? Wah! A Paesano’s dinner should wow my socks off, or at least tasty my socks off every time but not last night, sadly. DQ and I had chicken dishes that probably could have stood to have been yanked out of the oven a tad sooner than they had been. The chicken was just the other side of done but if it had still been succulent and moist, the dish would have been magnifique. Mom Q decided to go with the chicken parmesan and it came out rather briquette like. She also won the chipped water glass lotto to boot. Poor Mom Q. The manager came over to apologize and do all that good customer manager stuff so that was pretty cool. Oh yeah, TheMan’s dinner was the prettiest dish I’ve ever seen come out of that place and it tasted just as delightful as it looked. Sadness, but at least the bread was still great.

TheMan has a theory on bread and restaurants. He says that if you notice the quality of the bread start to slip it is a tell tale sign that the place is slowly going under. He basis this on Cooker’s, which used to have the BEST biscuits ever (no, even better than those) and then, they changed up the recipe. The biscuits were merely OK and then BAMN out of business. Real Seafood Company and Paesano’s should last quite a while based on that theory, which is all fine by me. I like both places a lot.

A boon, or fall out perhaps, of Mom Q’s visit was that she came laden with fruits and veggies for the taking. She had come from her friend’s house and her friend owns or operates a farm or orchard or some sort of big quantity of fruits and veggies producing endeavor (she could even be a black market fruit dealer for all I know, but I think she has an orchard with a large veggie garden). We got some apples (lots of apples, actually) and a Mmmmmmmmelon and some squashes AND egg plant. I’m not sure what you can do with egg plant but by golly, we have egg plant.

I did look up egg plant recipes when I got home and it seems you can only do about three basic things with them: Make baba ganouj (ganoodge? ganoosh? genog? whatever), cut it up in some fashion and cook it with tomatoes and cheese in a casserole dish or grill it (and add cheese and or tomato sauce afterwards to taste). I was even looking in the bible of cookbooks and despite there being seven separate egg plant recipes, four of them had strikingly similar “chop it up in a casserole dish and throw in some tomato and cheese” themes. My gourmet fancy shmancy cook book, which I though might have something neat and cool to say about egg plant, had exactly two recipes. Dice egg plant into a casserole dish and add tomatoes and cheese and Slice egg plant into a casserole dish and add tomatoes and cheese.

Does no one make egg plant quiche? Lasagna? Can you not put egg plant on a skewer with other tasty things and sish-ka-bob them? Even weird looking squashes have more options than egg plant. Why? I suspect I either do not have the right cookbooks that are chock full of egg plant themed dishes or egg plant is the suck of the veggie world. I mean, three variants? Sheesh. At least egg plant is a cool looking purple color.

Well, that’s about all the fun for today. See you tomorrow and all that jazz.

Last year at the booniverse: I stepped outside to the strains of the fight song and the Brrrrrrrrrrrrht of the blimp newly puttered into town and I did a “YAY Fall” happy dance because finally, the best season ever was here.

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