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Well, I guess if I don’t write on break, I don’t update. I had all these intentions of sitting down at home and firing off a few entries but I guess shiny things happened or something and by the time I thought of writing it was late at night. Don’t that just suck, busy doing work and no entry gets posted and busy at night so no entry gets posted. So today, a post! And not only a post (after almost a week it seems) but a nonsensical one to boot. Yes, it’s another installment of SHORT ATTENTION SPAN THEATER!

First off, my sparklies came down from up north. YAY! The diamonds look great, and MY diamond, which is the most important one of the lot, is the biggest (well, that much is true), bestest, most sparkly of the three. It also has the best color and cut and personality and…oh shut up! I think it does anyway. We might take it in Thursday along with the ring of uncertain origins and have both appraised. Then we will know for sure the difference between all three diamonds but I’ll still contend that my diamond is far superior.

The rings also came up and they look awesome. TheMan’s ring is much nicer I think, especially since I don’t like the style he chose and it is still gorgeous That’s not to say mine looks like a pile of mud, mine is pretty too, I was just surprised at how beautiful TheMan’s turned out to be. He won, but I]m going to be the new Mrs. Q! I think I win on that alone! YAY!

My fingers smell like garlic. I made chicken chili in the crock pot last night and since I was too lazy to go looking for the garlic squisher I chopped up a clove by hand. So, what went in to said chili: 2 medium-small onions, 1 large clove of garlic, something like 5 roma tomatoes, 2 chicken breasts, a can of hot chili beans and a can of white beans (navy? I don’t remember), one small bottle of tobasco sauce, one whoofa of cayenne pepper, two whoofas of chili powder and three whoofas of black pepper. Stir, set to simmer overnight, wake up the next morning with a wonderful smelling house. I just cracked into it (hungry at break already) and it is pretty tasty. Has a nice burn and a goof mix of eats. Best of all, the tomatoes and onions provided enough liquid so it’s not dry but not soupy. I love crock pot! Tonight I think I am going to put in the chicken breast roast we bought with some taters and carrots and onions (some gravy too) and simmer that all up.

And now because I’m evil and I like to share, this is what has been running through my head all morning: Chicken crock pot and I don’t care, chicken crock pot and I don’t care, chicken crock pot and I don’t care, my master’s gone away.

The tear the house apart project is coming along nicely. DadQ showed up late Friday night and we did a perusing of the evilness that is the downstairs bathroom. This and that were hmmmed and hawed over and we had Chick Inn for dinner while discussing strategy. Saturday, TheMan and DadQ laid into the room and got the walls ripped down and the tub partially dismantled. Unfortunately, the tub had no shut off valves (save the master shut the whole house off valve, but we were hoping for something a little more local) so I became SUPER GOPHER and went out for this and that and whatnot. A couple of tips: Make sure that the pipe is indeed half inch pipe, and not say five eights inch. It saves a trip. Secondly, a ten foot section of CPVC pipe will fit in a bug but it is a darn good thing it bends (the pipe, not the bug). It looked pretty cool though, I had one end on the dash and the other end stuffed below the lip of the back hatch and the middle arcing up and over the passenger side head rest. It mimicked the curve of the bug pretty well but I kept waiting for a jar or bump to cause it to go sproing in some inconvenient direction. Like maybe at my head. It did not but all the way home I thought “You know, were this a Stephen King novel…”

Sunday the tub left and the dust and grime and all were sucked into our new shop vac. That was another trip, out to grab something better than the four thousand year old canister vac TheMan has. It’s red and cute and awfully quiet for a shop vac. While TheMan wrestled the tub, DadQ decided to start in on the stacks and mounds of dishes *blush*. I got my butt out of bed, where I had been napping and comforting the kitties but mostly napping really, and told DadQ in no uncertain terms to get out of my kitchen. He shouldn’t have to do dishes that my lazy butt should have done days ago. I triumphantly took over the project and two bowls and a glass into it I discovered the hard way that said glass had broken. Yup, three dishes into shooing off my dad to be, I attempted to take off a digit. It bled something fierce too and just would not stop. I bled through the first band-aid and then the second one I slapped over the first to keep containment. Oi! So, DadQ was back on dish duty and I was patched up enough to be on drying detail. How embarrassing.

Today, the floor is going to be ripped back to the sub flooring and some water damaged planks replaced. MomQ is coming down from Saginaw and again we are going to be eating Chick Inn. Hopefully I am going to be at the dojo when they all decide they are hungry. I had my fill of deep fat fried on Friday. Chick Inn is good, but I think I would rather have it once in a while than more often.

We had some fun as well, so it wasn’t all work. Saturday we went out to the Mumses for my birthday dinner. Mr. Paul was back in from New Orleans and he cooked up some mighty fine port steaks and pan fried tateres. Mmmmm! Mumses then made the best butterscotch sauce, followed by great home made chocolate sauce and we stuffed ourselves silly on ice cream sundaes. It also snowed and snowed and snowed but I am not sure that goes under fun or not. Made driving interesting.

Sunday the Dojo had a Chinese new year thing and I wanted Dad Q to come along and see (since we were having a lion dance as well). It was all sorts of fun, which it usually is, and the food was amazing. I think it was better than it has been in past parties but I may have been hungry. I was kinda bummed that I did not have time to make the creme-de-menth cheese cake with thin mint crust because I have been looking forward to making this beastie for several years and now I have all the components (save time I guess) in one place. I might make it tonight or tomorrow. I did whip together some Ghiredelli double chocolate brownies with coffee and butterscotch chips and let me tell you, they went over like candy with crack. They were still warm and gooey, having been pulled out of the oven and stuffed into the van moments before we roared off (late) to the party, which seemed to be a plus and the addition of coffee gave them an extra cocoa like flavor. I don’t know why but it did and people loved them. They were also the first dessert gone by a long shot. Man, does that feel good to have your dish devoured like that. The last piece was even fought over. Hee!

And finally, I am back in Kung Fu again. Yeah, it came as a surprise to me too, but Saturday when I went in to pick up something I discovered a note in my mail box that said, basically, effective the 24th, all new and restarting second programs will be half the cost of the full program. Since I was on a leave of absence, I would have been counted as restarting and be shelling out $65 for one art and $35 for the second. Before it was $65 plus $15 for an additional art. I cant afford $35 extra a month and I don’t want to give up on one of the two arts, so I signed back up (so I can be granfathered in at $15). I’m not going to go to a lot of classes, just ones that are on Karate days (which would be one tai chi and one regular KFu) and I am not rejoining lion dance until after the wedding. I guess I am also not rejoining the instructor’s program either until Scott-san reinvites me. OooooKay. *shrug* I wasn’t going to anyway but not going to and being told you can’t are two different animals. At least I wont have to play in dojo politics anymore. That I can deal with. Whoo.

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