Sorry About August, My Bad

Hello Monday, sorry about kicking August in the nads and making it go all medieval on us there Sunday. It all started Friday…well actually it all started Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday when I didn’t water my garden but Friday I had Garden Grower’s Guilt and was out watering my plot of land for three hours or so. Perhaps I exaggerate but not by much, the ground was bone dry and that’s a lot of watering to saturate something akin to Death Valley but not as hot. Crimony!

On the plus side, I didn’t lose any plants and I have a baby ugly pumpkin! I’ll hold off on cheering because I have a horrible squash infant mortality rate and my ugly pumpkinlet is still at that tender age of dubious survivability. I have a pumpkinlet though which is awesome. Darned ugly pumpkin is all about the flowering and not so much about the babying. I will jump up and down and squee about my winter squash though; I have one that’s made it past the danger stages. WOOOO! It’s soooo cute, about 2 inches long and small lemon sized. Awwwww. I also have hot peppers but that’s pretty much a given.

You know, I think all I did was water my garden on Friday. I can’t remember doing anything else which means I probably was out there for three hours or we did some warcrafting or perhaps I read some. We are the happening kids on the block.

Saturday dawned rainy and then continued to be rainy through breakfast, lunch and early dinner but that did not nix our Eastern Market plans. LunarGeography, StalkerPatti and I were going to Detroit for some Market action (not that action) and that was The Plan, rain be damned. And so we did. For the record, I did look up to see if EM was covered or not because we aren’t THAT hard core about farmers markets (Does that then make us soft core? Wait, not that soft core). ANY-WAY! We drove down, wandered about, bought some stuff and came back home via the A2 Farmer’s Market.

At the Eastern Market, I picked up some fabulous cherries for a price that wasn’t as fab as I first thought (I read 2# for $6 as 2 for 6 and though that was an AWESOME price for the bags). I bought them anyway because they were tasty and it was a decent price. I also picked up some of those tasty, tasty plums LG and I got last farmer’s market, some cukes (4 for $1! THAT was a steal), bay leaves ($0.5 for a bag of about 10-15 leaves SCORE!) and a hot pepper plant. What? It’s a decorative pepper plant and it has multi colored fruit. Plus, it was about 10 inches tall and only a dollar!!! The prices were certainly really good if you did a little stall comparison but there wasn’t a lot of variation in the 5 different ginormous sheds of market. That was a little disappointing. My companions were quite put out that EM wasn’t all local grown stuff either but I’ll confess that didn’t put me off so much. Local’s good but if I have to shell out $3 for a local pepper or $1.5 for an Argentinean pepper well ¿Cómo estás? pepper!

Yeah, I know. I’m single handedly bringing the market down with my Spanish speaking immigrant peppers.

We did not find duck eggs at Eastern Market nor at the A2 Farmer’s Market (which BTW was a sticker shock after roaming about the sheds of Detroit) which was quite the bummer. We did get mightily wet in A2 but got to listen to an awesome jazzish sort of group while eating awesome sammiches from Taste Our Goods (again with the innuendo!) so that made up for some of the disappointment. I had a grilled peanut butter and banana sammich WITH Nutella. Nutella! Grilled! I think I died and went to heaven…which had a soothing soundtrack full of marimba and string bass. Of course I had a nap afterwards. Of course!

Nap, Warcraft, exercising, bed SUNDAY!

We did little Sunday actually. Both TheMan and I were feeling punk but I wanted a super chocolate flurry with Snickers because…well sometimes a girl just needs a super chocolate flurry with Snickers. You can’t reason when a super chocolate flurry with Snickers thing grabs you by the…uhhh…grabby bits and demands attention. Thus, at 9:20pm after working out and showering (that would make the entire first week of August exercised, thankyouverymuch. One twentieth of a cheerleader vanquished! I deserve a super chocolate flurry with Snickers…or at least a brownie), I headed out to the brew pub to get the growlers filled and snag some cookies. They were no super chocolate flurry (with Snickers!) but I think they kept me from eating the entire neighborhood.

2008: JSFR: Salt Butter Pretz

2007: My sunflowers are going to give themselves whiplash ‘cuz in the morning they’re facing east and throughout the day they look, look, look at the sun while it travels westward until those silly flower heads are pointing in the complete opposite direction than they had been in the morning.

2006: I also need to pick up about three dozen bags of mulch and mulch that plot of dirt to within an inch of its life because right now it looks like dirt mange.

2005: Eastern Market still not all that.

2004: Everything has its place. This is where we file the cat.

2003: One kid plays with you, two kids play with each other (three kids enter one kid leaves? No wait).

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    If I had realized that it was more a market and less of a farmers market, I think I wouldn’t have cared as much. The prices were great, but if I am going to buy stuff from 500 miles away, I don’t have to go to Detroit to do it. OTOH, I suppose it is better to give them nice folks my $ instead of the Meijers.

    I want that sandwich. Must go back there!!!!

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