I’m Gonna Be

Heh, I guess when I said “See ya tomorrow” in Friday’s entry I was actually saying “Look here, I’m going to disappear off the face of the earth for a couple days, Mmm’Kay? Yeah, I know about the whole JSFR promise but…errr…see the next entry is a big entry and I want to do it up right so I’m going to not post anything and then come back Tuesday with a lame excuse.” It really is true. This entry is the 500th entry on the booniverse (whooooo!) although the entry number according to MT’s entry tracking system is actually 509. I don’t quite understand that BUT I’m going by the “number of entries” listed on the splash page of “yo. What do you want to do with this here blog”. Nuff said. Hurrah 500!

And yeah, this will probably be a lame entry as well despite my wanting to do something cool with the 500th entry. Maybe a small fan fare would do the trick. Hold on. OK…TOOO! Too-deedel-tooo-tooo-tooooooo. Fanfare obligation fulfilled. Do you think it made the entry any more special? Perhaps bunting would be in order.

I’ll go ahead and post date a JSFR as well since I owe it to you junkies out there. It’s done, see, but I didn’t want to post it before my big to do 500th entry because a JSFR as number 500 just didn’t seem as cool. No offense to you JSF junkies out there. Anyway, as soon as I write this up I’ll hit POST damnit on the JSFR and everyone will be happy as a clam (which I am told are really rather quite happy, until you make sauce out of them). Where was I going with this anyway?

RIGHT! Tuesday, falling off the face of the earth yadda yadda. I’d review my list of Things To Do Over The Weekend but that would be a darned sight depressing. Especially since I was so concise on the whole car thing, which didn’t even happen at all. Saturday was just way too depressing outside to wash cars. It was gray and it was narst and I made the executive decision that I wasn’t going to be out washing if there wasn’t going to be any nice. There wasn’t, I didn’t end of story. I also had to go shopping Friday AND Saturday AND I took TheMan along with me both times and OH! THE PAIN! That boy does NOT like him the shopping. We went first to Sam’s to pick up (primarily) Claritin because yo! Sam’s is da shit for pharmaceuticals. (Damn! I just want to interrupt this train of thought to say I spelled that word right on the first try! Momentous (which I did NOT spell correctly at all BTW)! OK, that there was the big to do for the 500th entry, hitting pharmaceuticals dead on first typing.) Seriously. Claritin came out to about 50 cents per tab, which is a far cry cheaper than the usual buck a pill everywhere else. Plus, because when you go to Sam’s to pick up one thing there is always something else (or ten) that you find at such sweet prices that you pick it/them up too, I got a great deal on tampons as well. Man, I totally bought into the Sam’s gargantuan quantity of doom philosophy there because I now have enough feminine products to last me until menopause. Sam’s club is great but you have to do a bit of thinking beforehand sometimes. Sure, it’s a swell deal on honey but will you go through 15 pounds of honey in your lifetime? You have to weigh these decisions when shopping there.

So that which was not acquired at Sam’s, which would be anything I don’t need a palate unit of at the moment, we went out Saturday to pick up. The original plan was for me to go out solo, since I dragged TheMan to Sam’s club after work (when he was captive to my logic of “We are in the car and on the way, let’s stop!”) but TheMan’s bank is osmosing into something more fiendish and he needed to take care of some financial stuff on Saturday. Farmer Jack’s is two blocks from the open branch of Fiendish Bank so off we went (logic, car, same block, WE’RE GOING SHOPPING!). I let him stay in the car for this one, but he was still not a happy camper. Poor Man.

Wait a minute, did I just spend two entire paragraphs on shopping? Heh, HAPPY 500th ENTRY!

Oi. On to more fun things than shopping. We went over to Mumses and Mr. Paul’s Saturday, met up with sis and had some fun BSing and hanging with Lucy-dog. Lucy has grown some, especially in the belly! She is one rolly polly puppy (and you can play the neatest tunes on her stomach by thumping it in different places!). She also has an incredibly active dog spot too when you rub her gigantic bloated puppy belly. We had both her legs going ItchItchItch as fast as she could get them to go. Heh. I love dog spots. Unfortunately, Lucy was in Lucyfer mode so she spent a lot of time in the cage.

Sunday we were going to do stuff, but Rob called and we headed out there for breakfast. Notice the lack of muffin pics y’all? It’s not because I didn’t make any because I did, yes siree, but I CHOOSE not to post any pics despite making more experimental muffins. See? I can stop any time with the picto-muffins. Can too! Damn! I forgot to post a picto blog thing. Oh well. Rob made waffles and we brought apple cinnamon crunch muffins and a good meal was had by all. Later, TheMan and I went over to Dirge and Shar’s and dragged along our home made ravioli that was…errr…well the Slight Explosion perhaps. They were good but there are a couple of changes we would like to make for future pasta projects. Namely, get us a pasta maker. Damn! Poor TheMan is bruised from kneading pasta dough. Also, flavoring the dough would be tastier. But still, booyaw on our first pasta project!

Monday we were illing. I blame Rob and his skimmed boiled syrup of questionable age, considering he and Joanna were also ill Sunday night. TheMan thinks it was the undercooked chicken sammich he was snacking on late Sunday. Either way, Monday was not a happy day at the Q house (or at Rob and Joanna’s place either). However, I got the most done Monday in terms of That Which Should Have Been Done Over The Weekend. What’s that about? OK, it was mostly laundry napping because you can be ill and do laundry at the same time but I was also seriously considering washing the bug too. I did not wash the bug, however, and it was probably for the best. Laundry napping isn’t really working per se, although it does get a chore done. Too bad dish napping isn’t as feasible because I’d be ALL over that if it were.

TheMan, in his usual sick and cranky self, spent most of the day surling about with the computers doing this or that. Mostly he played a (cranky) marathon session of Civ 3 which lasted from sometime before I came upstairs to see where he had gotten off to, to sometime very close to midnight. Damn addictive game. I played a little EQ and got my necro up a couple of levels, then worked on skills with my pala-frog (hee! The Frog was in one place so long casting spells and fishing that someone mistook her for an NPC!), then I got bored and looked on over TheMan’s shoulder at his progressing Civ game. Guess who had the Civ dream last night? I hardly call that fair, I don’t even know how to play the game yet all night long I was moving troops, assigning cities to build stuff, fighting wars, etc. Arrrrgh!

And there you have it, the weekend recap and the fabulous 500th entry. Cheers!

Last year at the booniverse: I was probably gearing up for this entry back then too since I obviously wasn’t posting.

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