Me Oh My Oh Friday

Just for the record, I was going to call yesterday’s entry “cranky pussy” but I figured I’d get all sorts of weird Google searches on that one. Not that typing it now saves me or anything, but somehow I feel there is a difference between a blaring quasi porn sounding title and more discrete quasi porn sounding body of text. And what the heck are you Googlers looking for with that search anyway? Oi!

Wouldn’t that be the best all female punk band name though?

Work has been surreal lately. Yesterday morning I poked my head into my boss’s office with a print out from the network printer in my office and said “Hey. Did you print anything to the network printer in my office?” figuring she would either say Yes or No. In fact, what she said was “What does that have to do with anything?” which was not on my top ten responses I expected to field. I guess it doesn’t have much to do with anything save I was going to deliver the print out to whomever printed it. See. Yeah. OK! I’m going to go back to my office then.

I still can’t figure out how I got to point B from point A.

My second surreal was early this morning when a coworker popped a head into my office (her own head, not someone else’s) and was all abuzz because “I had told her I would set up some equipment for her presentation so why wasn’t I doing it?” My first thought was “What?!? because I had no idea what she was talking about. Then it hit me: What?!? It was like she was talking Greek, I had NO recollection of any sort of set up at all. I was actually scheduled to be doing something else at the time but I wound up doing the set up anyhow. Later I figured it out when I discovered the coworker had asked me to reserve the equipment but never set it up. I assumed, since I had something previously scheduled, that she had taken this into account. She assumed, because she is unfamiliar with the equipment, that reserving meant setting up as well. You can imagine my confusion when she bust into my happy morning precoffee haze all in a panic.

Working in the twilight zone.

However, I did get some free Starbucks goodies though. Yum yum, except not because the coffee was the same nasty burnt Starbuck crap, sadly. I was so hoping it would be good coffee but on the bright side it did come with a nice poetry book though and it was free. TheMan and I hit customer appreciation day, which was cool. We also picked up some cinnamon spice mochas, which are always cool.

Last year at the booniverse: I even want to stop at the squash table, pick up a wiggy looking squash and say “What the hell is this?!??”

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