Teh Accomplished Sloth Weekend

Monday! Hrrmph.

I feel sort of productive and incredibly slothy all at once. We had another Hard Cheeses of Old England dinner which was tasty (good cheeses all around this pick) and I wrote it up postdatedly like. When I looked back at the Cheeses archives I was astonished that we haven’t cheesed since late January. That’s not right! I like me some cheeses; I need to not go so long between samplings! I also wrote up two more JSFRs which makes me only a week behind (fortunately I have one on deck that is photographed and noted so that will be easier to whip out that one which needs the whole kit and caboodle done to it). Wooo.

In more active and not blogging stuff, Friday I headed on over to DQ’s for some Spiderwick Chronicles watching action. I “happened” to stop by the Dairy Time ice cream place for a chocolate chocolate chocolate blizzard thing (with Snickers) and since I was going back to DQ’s I picked up two blizzard things. Yum for chocolate chocolate blizzard things (with Snickers) but…ummm…we may have eaten them before dinner. Then we may have just called them dinner when the night was said and done. What? Ice cream has milk in it! That’s gotta count for something.

In unrelated news, I only dropped about 0.6 pounds for this week of the Cheerleader Challenge.

Spiderwick is an interesting movie, I liked it but I sort of wish there was more conflict with the Big Bad. On the other hand, he was defeated in a really awesome way so I can’t complain too much. Plus, I realized when I saw Holly Black’s name zoom by on the writing credits, that I’ve met her at ConBust. Cool!

Saturday, LunarGeography and I headed out to the farmer’s market to pick up stuff (and to walk off our Cheerleaders who WON’T QUIT WITH THE BUTT HUGGING ALREADY!!!). I got some fruits, bacon and a rabbit to grill once the condo is sold. I also arranged to get a pig back for souping next week. BOOYAW! Sadly, summertime is not a souping time of year so I can’t whip out my stock pot and start making stuff quite yet. Well I could if I wanted to melt in a puddle of steamed goo but I’m not that hard core with the stock making. A girl’s got her creature comforts you know.

Also? I hate August.

Oh yeah: Condo Sale! It’s on hold until later because of some banking snafu thing. The whole conversion thing is on hold rather, not my particular selling of my condo thing. I have to convert the condo (actually, it’s a co-op which is in the process of being converted to a condo) first and then sell it so that’s pending a tad until stuff gets resolved.

Saturday night TheMan and I were feeling punk so we did nothing. We might have Warcrafted. We probably did. Sunday we did more of nothing and then I baked the Dark Gingerbread Bundt Cake recipe again but this time with duck eggs. Fantastic! Badmovie made peach ice cream and we all ate the tasty cake and ice cream. Then we died because it was soooo delicious!!

2008: JSFR: Marble Pocky (caramel chocolate)

2007: Fuck-all if I knew how to get o-hat out of a PC. It’s probably something like ctl-alt-shift-carrot-o and then it’ll most likely come out as Capital O since you’ve used the shift key which means CAPITAL!!!

2006: I’m going to make up a special “recycling crap makes me happy” dance solely for France and you better believe I’ll be boogying until the cows come home.

2005: We’re dead from chocolate gingerbread cake and peach ice cream, remember?

2004: Cheese gap.

2003: Because a brick of one inch paper was giving me the hairy eyeball so I had to fold a frog out of it. Truly, I need help.

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