That Monday Blog Thing

Hey guess what? I finally have some visible progress for having worked out every day for 1.8 months! Unfortunately it’s not in the pantsular region (*sadface*) since my pants aren’t immediately falling to the floor when I put them on. What’s that about? I mean…1.8 months! You would think that maybe I’d have lost some butt or belly or something just to keep the interest but no. Stupid fat.

My wedding ring is still tight more than it is loose so I haven’t lost anything in my fingers either and can I get a big WHAT here? Ring finger fat? Who authorized that? I will say that I haven’t noticed any decrease in the chest region which…WOOOO! That’s the only thing I like about being fat: BOOBS! I has them. Finally.

Actually, I thought that would be the first place to slim up considering my luck.

Having noticed no slimming anything, I whined to TheMan about my lack of progress and he told me that he thought my chin was looking svelter. I was all…huh? But you know what? He’s right! I’ve lost chin wattle! (sexy no?) I’m pretty happy about that. The other thing I’ve discovered from having worked out is that I’ve got this weird muscley fella on the side of my upper arm. Not a bicep, not a tricep, an…armcep or something. Anyway, I can now tighten my arm up and BAMN! Muscle. That’s kinda cool.

I still hate working out though. Stoopid working out every day so now it’s a “thing” thing. BAH!

Friday! I have no idea. I am so screwed seven years from now when the Law&Order people come to my door all Law&Orderly like. I don’t think there was even any Warcrafting…that’s just not right.

Saturday I was off to the Farmer’s market with badmovie and LunarGeography for duck eggs. Sadly, LG’s head went s’plody so it was just badmovie and I hitting the deals. I got some fruits and donuts from Wasem’s (they had a stall!) and I found out the low down on plums (the weekend after the 11th). Then it was on to duck eggs. Apparently, the duck egg guy is one of those very Christian people and apparently he was quite taken aback when badmovie mentioned his wife. Who wasn’t there and also wasn’t me. I do not think I helped matters explaining that badmovie was my market date. Duck egg farmer don’t cotton to that sort of thing. No sir. Heh.

My market date and I next stopped at White Castle to try out the new breakfast sandwiches (Bacon, egg, cheese AND sausage biscuit? I can has heart attack?) which were deliciously greasy. The tater tots were good though. We then hit the Ypsi farmer’s market wherein I got some pig bones for soupin and regular eggs. The rest of Saturday I felt punk and napped. I may have also played some Warcraft in there.

Sunday I made Split Levels again but with duck eggs this time around. The duck egg part was deeee-licious but I botched the chocolate to cream cheese ratio (I eyeballed the chips, shoulda used more). It was still good but could have stood to be chocolatier. Ah well. The next experiment with duck eggs will be, I believe, pasta (suggestion courtesy of the bacon guy).

(AhHA you future Law&Order guys: TheMan just told me that we stayed in and watched Nero Wolfe episodes on Friday.)

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2 Responses to “That Monday Blog Thing”

  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    I hear you on the weight thing. I’ve always had boobs, and they don’t seem to go away so you are probably good 🙂 I have Jeff measure me every month or so and see if I’ve lost any weight there. He keeps the #s secret though b/c I will obsess if I know them. It makes me mad that some people just drop weight with no problem….

  2. boo Says:

    I grew up a proud member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee so boobage is a really cool novelty for me. I could live with a reduction in chest though if it also came with a double or nothing butt deal too.

    I hear you on the weight droppers; TheMan told me yesterday that for all our bad eating habits (we ate large meals all Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) he maintained weight this weekend. Me? I’m back up to about a pound lighter than I was when I first measured myself at the beginning of August. WAH!

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