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Sorta. TheMan’s camera is dying the slow death so there were not the plethora of pics I was hoping for. I took them, but they is all fuzzy so, sadly, these were the only ones that came out. More or less. However, never fear because I can intersperse the blank spaces that should have been my new organization project and the engine of my truck with WEEKEND RECAP NEWS! Aren’t y’all just excited? I know I am!

First, a pic!

This is a random pic from way back when during the Great Living Room Organization of ’04. This is where most of our chess set collection hangs, which is really quite sad because who’s really seeing them in their full glory way the hell up on top of two very tall book shelves (the third set is on the other book case)? Unfortunately, and I tried my darnedest, the boards were just too big to fit in the shelf below where I had a wicked tableau set up. Alas. However, I did get a mighty cool puppet lion and he likes to hang between the SchweiB born glass set to the right and the Africa born soap stone set to the left. Both of these belong to TheMan while my chess set is the one that sits atop the other book case. It’s black and white marble carved in an Islander fashion and it shares space with Sad Frog and the Monkeys. Monkeys love chess you know.

Friday, Friday, Friday, How do I love thee? Nothing is as happy as 4:59 on a Friday because the whole weekend with all its possibilities are before you. I love me some Friday, but I can never remember what I did on Friday come Monday. BAH! I do know that TheMan and I did somethingorother and got to DQ’s latishesque but why we did not arrive earlier is gone in the mush of my weekend mind. Maybe we were looking for WMD? We did eventually land over on DQ’s door step with carrots, crust, peas and first season of Buffy in hand. DQ made up a wicked shepherd’s pie (Mmmm, Piiiiiie) and we watched the first disc of Buffy, Season 1. I forgot how fun that show was. Le Sigh. BUT! We have all the way to season 4, I think, so there will be lots o’ Buffy watchin going on. That’s our new series du jour (having watched all the Stargate goodness currently available (come on Halloween!)).

POAHK! In no particular order this was Sunday’s dinner. Mmmm, tasty tasty. Oh Oh Oh, and what could that be in the upper left hand corner? Could that be a bag of this week’s muffin offering? Why, I do believe it is! Houston, we have muffin sighting. And you thought you were safe from muffanage today…HA! This week’s muffins are carrot muffins and I am not wholly pleased with them at all. Meh. They are rather bland in the “not so carroty yet not so spicy either” way, plus I had to stuff them back into the oven once it was discovered that the insides were mooshy. Yes mom, I did the stick a sticking implement into the center to see if they were done before pulling them out the first time trick and yes, said implement came back clean. That just goes to show that you can not trust a cocktail skewer to do the muffin testing trick. Hrrmph. I also had to pick off the very black raisins on the top (hate raisins. Bastards went all black on me when I stuck the muffins in for cooking round 2) so not only are the muffins extra toasty but they look like they have the mange too. Ah well. At least they are now cooked through plus they have a funky crispy outer shell.

Saturday was a day of Saturdayness. I’m not even sure what we did in the morning…oh right! The missing time incident. Inexplicably, my getting up at 9am (yes, on a weekend) in order to get breakfast done and me out and showered and over to DQ’s for crafty things at 11 resulted in TheMan and I sitting down to breakfast at noon. No idea where the hours of 10 and 11 went to since I was only preparing biscuits, hash browns and eggs. 45 minutes tops for that meal but somehow I got it done in three hours. Worship my l337 cooking 5k1llz! I also got a small chunk of dishes done and some squash cooked but that was mostly during filler time (squash and biscuits cooked simultaneously, dishes done during the biscuit cooking).

We were out in time to make the Traveler game which made its first appearance since May. Whoooo. It was a bit rough (no one remembered what was going on particularly and the GM had misplaced his game notebook) but it was also good to get back into the swing of things. TheMan had to leave early for a work type ting but I was able to catch a later ride home from Paul the Other. We had just a bit more fun after TheMan left and I do believe my character is creating a can of worms with self aware, philosophically inclined spy bots. We shall see how that goes when the game next meets.

Saturday night was spent mostly doing dishes (one massive load that took forever to dry) and hacking through X-Files season 4. I managed to cross the half way point (huzzah!) and now only have 10 episodes plus all of season 5 to go before I’ve watched all the seasons I have. Le sigh. Season 4 isn’t a particularly stellar season either as it marks the downward slippery slope of festering drivel that the series would become. Still, there are some decent episodes to be found and it might explain the personable alligator dream I had the other night.

Heh, these are two frivolous things I picked up whilst shopping Sunday. Are they not the Bomb? I did put back the two matching bowls after giving it some thought but just could not deal with letting a giant coffee mug emblazoned with “Boo!” on the side slip by. I also picked up Better Off Dead on DVD (Huzzah) and a two-fer combo pack with Moulin Rouge and All That Jazz for cheapy cheap. Whoot I say, since TheMan and I happened to like Moulin Rouge and I’ve always been fond of All That Jazz. I also picked up some oil, a filter, an air filter, an oil pan and an oil wrench beeeecaaaaaause…

I changed the oil in the truck. Sorta. I drained the oil in the truck into my new spiffy oil pan and then I went to take off the old filter (did I mention that the oil needed to be changed in November…2001? Yeah. Oil filter, she gots to go), which I DID check on the new filter in the store before I bought it to make sure that it did indeed work on said filter, only to discover that the rat bastards at the oil shop change-it place had put on a dome topped filter. Thus, my happy end cap wrench which I like working with hella more than the thrice dammed slip ring wrenches of knuckle bashing WOULD NOT GRAB THE OLD FILTER. Arrrrrgh! Neither did a big assed monkey wrench, although the big assed monkey wrench does manage to put some sweet dents into the filter. So. This morning my truck sits absolutely devoid of any oil in it whatsoever while the new filter sits pristine in the box, still, because Victory Uncle Ed Quick Lube bastards put a bubble headed filter on the truck and cranked it down extra tight. Grrrrr. If swinging by the store and getting the damned knuckle knocker wrench does not yield any results I’m going to have the man drive a big ol’ screwdriver through the old filter and we (most likely he) will man handle the bastard off.

Usually the truck is a poster dream child for self oil changing since it sits so high off the ground. No ramps, no fuss, bippity bamn and some under carriage scootching and wala! Done. Not so much yesterday, alas.

At this point in time in the blog I will defer talking about my other purchase, which was more organizational stuff for the kitchen, until a later date. Besides, all my pics came out eXtreme soft focus fuzzy and I am very bouncy proud of my new stuff. Words just will not cut it, that which is lovely to behold (and boring as hell to recount in a thousand words) and holds all our small appliances in one specific locale. Yay! But alas, no pics.

Just to let you know, this stuff is the BOMB! Go! Get you some o’ this. BBQ you up some meat. Sahweeeet.

Here’s the shelf on which I wanted to have the chess board set up. It was all about the home made teddies. On the left, the teddy in the purple jamma pants and beenie death taking on the right hand challengers of Theodore “Off My Medication” Bear and the insane Looney flower. Plus, penguins? Everyone hates penguins. I had to settle for plopping the Cthulhu family in the middle and while that is a bit weird per se, it is not battle of the bears chess style. Meh.

Your moment of puppy Zen: Mmmm, shoes. With a little Moe’s sauce these would be outstanding.

Last year at the booniverse: I had to have watched X-Files 1-3 at some point in time, musta been on this day since there wasn’t any updating a-happening.

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