The Tea Deluge of ’09

My Tuesday is not going as well as it could.

It all started out early this morning when LunarGeography and I stopped off at Bombidill’s for coffees. Bombidill’s has ginormous larges (24 ounces!) and it was a ginormous coffee kinda day. Mmmmm. I think the coffee was all gone by the time I got in to work.

As is the usual practice, I used the same (ginormous!) cup for tea and set it aside to let it cool. Then, long about mid morning as I was getting ready to go to training for the new AED devices stashed around the Law School, I managed to overturn the full glass of hot tea all over my desk.

24 ounces goes a long way. All over my notes, all over my assistant’s notes which I was supposed to look over (notes crossed off in blue highlighter. Did you know blue highlighter lifts and separates when soaked in tea?), all over some library policies I hadn’t entered into a database, all along my desk, over the desk edge, along the filing cabinet next to the desk (which used to have a top on it way back when until somebody decided it no longer needed a top. They did leave the mounting holes though…which the tea found), under my printer to pool up around my candy jar and reading books. The floor got it too and I spent the next hour after the deluge mopping things up. The three fax reading books spent the est of the day opened and drying and I was sopping up the inside of my filing cabinet for hours afterward. Where did the tea go that it was dripping all day? Weird.

Fortunately there is another AED training later on and I plan to have no tea until the training is over. Also fortunately I took pictures of my office stuff (see last post) so when the printer critters weren’t fitting right because we had to take them off in order to mop up under the printer, I could easily figure out how to put them back in place. Who says taking pictures of one’s office space was trite!

In other non wet news we went to see the new Miazaki film Ponyo, which is about a magic fish who wishes she was human. On second thought, maybe Tuesday was all about water. hmmm.

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2 Responses to “The Tea Deluge of ’09”

  1. Bailey Says:

    Ah! I watched Gake no Ue no Ponyo yesterday! I suppose you watched it dubbed, while I took the more, shall we say, student way. What? Like it’s not better in the original Japanese.

    Did you like it?

  2. Boo Says:

    We saw Ponyo in the theater (Showcase Big Mega-plex) so it was dubbed for our convenience. Not a lot of main stream places around here run with subtitles (which is sad). I liked it but it was a bit simple. Having only seen Princess Mononoke I was expecting something a little more message-y.

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