Day Off

Happy Labor Day and all. We are doing SQUAT for the usual Labor Day celebrations here at the Q house. In fact, we may be violating some rules because instead of grillin out, TheMan made homemade ravioli and sauce for congregating over at DQ’s place. Joined by the BadGardens, the caboodle of us watched through the first half of the Smithee clips for 2010. I’m sure somewhere the Labor Day Police are drawing up charges for that violation of tradition but what can I say. I’m a sucker for more Catman.


Hmmm. Monday Monday. Friday was the usual doinking around Warcrafty and then Saturday was more Warcrafty punctuated by a walk to the farmer’s market (GEGGSES!) and Dinner and a Smithee later on. All in all, it was a fine way to spend a Saturday wherein you don’t have to go to work on Monday. There might have also been some napping.

On Sunday there was way too much WoWcrafting (hee!) and Badmovie’s game. I brought along the wookie blanket to work on (it’s the only blanket I’m working on that I don’t have to change colors) and went through a ball of yarn/3 inches of blanket. Wookie eats yarn like a mofo, I’m going to have to go get more really soon. Also, I’m getting my het on for the damned fuzzy yarn (which I LOVE *squee*) eating the pattern (which I also love *notasmuchsqueebutstillsome*). I wish I knew about that before I was so far into the blanket. Grumble.

I also spent more time than I wanted to doing stoopid low level quests in Warcraft. They are rolling out a new expansion which, I think, will use the Litch King (latest) expansion graphics engine for every setting, including the old world. There on about some sort of something or other major world changes (the expansion’s name is Cataclysm) so TheMan and I decided to get all the low level quests done before the quest givers were drowned in the ocean or eaten by a volcano. You get stoopid happy worthless achievement points for doing all the low level quests so we though, “Why not?”

I’ll tell you why not: Escort quests. Crimony! I failed a level 20 escort quest 5 times with a level 80 character…THAT’S NOT RIGHT! I rolled into the level 20 area and here’s Homey McQuestgiver who is all askeerd to take his goods alllllllll the way back up to the level 15 town (blah blah more text whatever). I do not blame him, back in the day that was a run you made on foot, in the snow, uphill both ways. I, however, being level 80 already had the taxi point from the level 20 town to the level 15 town so I just clicked the “Okay-Dokey Questy” button and traveled onward to deliver his goods. 30 seconds later, I heard the “Wah-wah” of a failed quest so I went back and actually read the text. Apparently Homey McQuestgiver really actually wanted to run both ways uphill in the snow alllllll the way back to the level 15 town. Also? I could probably stand to read the quest text a little more carefully next time.

Take 2: Did you know that a level 80 holy specced pally cannot damage 4 level 20 casters fast enough before they blow away Homey McQuestgiver? “Wah-wah”.

Take 3: Spec change: Prot Pally. I can’t dish the damage but I have so, so, SO! many “Yo mama” spells that I figure I can at least keep the attention of all the level 20 mobs. “Let’s go Homey! Homey? Why are you just sitting there…aaaand now you’ve completely disappeared. Crap, server lag.” While I was waiting for a ghost Homey on my end, the real Homey server side took off and was running his little butt into all sorts of ambushes. The first one is pretty close to the start. “Wah-wah”.

Take 4: Regroup. Homey and I get halfway through the quest before I realize I’m really low on spell power because the spec change drains it all away. All the Pally spells what keep Mobs off of innocents like Homey run off of spell power. Whoops. “Wah-wah”.

Take 5: Full of energy and Prot Pally tankiness I start the quest again. Except Homey McQuesty is just sitting there mum and not…crap. Lag. This one I quit the quest before the “Wah-wah” but it doesn’t matter in the scheme of things.

Take 6: TRIUMPH! Except not really because my toon is level 80 and…yeah. I don’t want to talk about it. When TheMan runs the same quest he does it in one try and kills everything dead. He might have even killed a couple ambushers for the next level escort quest he did that much damage. So. Much. Hate.

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2005: Wednesday was Scarfinger’s first supervised visit outside for a couple hours after work in hopes that the wound would dry out a bit.

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