9-09-09 Seems Like it Ought to be All About Cats

Apparently, today is supposed to be no cats day or something like that. At least teh intertubes zeitgeist tells me so but I think teh interwebs is a bit confused because shouldn’t 9-9-09 be all about cats? What with their 9 lives and all? Or was this “a funny” because…you know…9-9-09! HA HA HA!

Or something. Well anyway, to please teh webz, here is a picture of LunarGeography’s flower garden.

Here is another no cat picture of the new kitty bed. The basket is from my 10 year working at the U FROOT (and other awesome stuff) basket which was commandeered by the felines of the house. I found one of them all snuggled up on the pokey woven basket bits so I added a comfy for them. It’s been THE spot to sleep in the past few days. I expect next week they won’t give it the time of day.

DQ loaned me her Furminator and dang if it doesn’t clean a cat off good. This was maybe a minute at most of brushing the Little Kitty (who, BTW, would prefer NOT to be Furminated thankyouverymuch). That cat sheds like a mofo.

The usual suspects 1.

The usual suspects 2.

An unusual suspect flaunting the pretty. If there were any cat pics in today’s post, this one might be of Troa, the BadGarden’s newest house guest. However, since today is all about the no cats, obviously I have no pictures of pretty, pretty Troa to show you.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    Those are awesomely funny pictures! Give some scritchies from Aunt Patti

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