Ahhh, sweet, sweet weekend. Hurry up and get the hell here already!

I have had my boogie shoes on since yesterday, yo. I tell you, these six day weeks are killing me and why is it that it feels like Friday on Thursday more often then it feels like Thursday on Friday? Why? I don’t mind working the four day five day weeks (you know, when it feels like Thursday on Friday and you’re all “SCORE!” because it hasn’t felt like a long week? Yeah, that) but the six day five day weeks…OUCH. I have too many of them. I also can’t decide which is worse: Settling down on the couch Thursday night with a night cap and some DVDs and thinking “Awwwwright. I can just sit back and stay up all nigh-DAMNIT! It’s Thursday, isn’t it? GAHHH!” or waking up Friday morning with the intent of shutting the damned alarm off until you realize you have to get up to GO TO WORK! WAH!

I had a late night damnit episode yesterday.

On the plus side, we did get to watching one more episode of X-Files (one. disc. left. Whoooo!) and AND and then we put in Roswell Season two because it shipped and arrived nine days ahead of schedule. Preordering ROCKS yo. Amazon e-mailed me Monday to say that the shipment was a go, which got me a bit perplexed. When I had checked on the arrival dates of both Roswell and Stargate, they said October 15th through 18th and October 28th through 30th respectively. I don’t think Roswell was even supposed to be released until the 9th. Anyway, since Monday was the 4th I thought “Errr…so what is it going to be doing for 9 days? It only has to get from Lexington to here. I bet you could walk that distance in 9 days. Maybe?” That’s when I began obsessively watching the package tracking. I assumed the thing would loaf about the warehouse for five or six days (I hit the “super saver and mighty slow shipping please” button) and then mosey on over a couple states to casually land on our doorstep next Friday but no. Tuesday everything had cleared and the package was out and away. Wednesday it was in Monroe, Michigan which is a short drive away (compared to Lexington. I suppose if I compared Monroe to the neighbors it would be hella far away) and Wednesday evening there it was. Woah! Today, Amazon officially rocks, yo.

I’m all about the yo today.

TheMan is home again today with The Sick, but hopefully he is better than when I left him this morning. He was all primed to go into work until he stood up and then…well…let’s just say he’s home and all comfy with the sleeping. Sleeping is not yarking. Poor fella, but if he gives me The Sick there will be words. Gah, I do not like any sort of shaky stomach illness. No sir!

My plans, which really should commence soon because I need to be weekending it already, are to hit the grocery store after work and do the shopping today, thereby ensuring that I get to sleep in tomorrow. Tasty, tasty sleep. I will also be going to the store of Tasty Japanese Snack Food and I may just get me some snack food for snacking (and reviewing). I even put it on the list. Hee. I also have to figure out what sort of food we will be having these next two weeks so I can do my responsible food thing. Going to the store with no firm plan, in my case, means I come back with all sorts of crazy stuff. Amusing? Yes. Financially sound? Not so much. I also need to figure out another muffin option (yes, I talk about muffins again! There should be a boo based blog game where every time I mention muffins y’all get a point) for next week because I’m tapped out of ideas. I’ve got cranberry/orange on deck for this Sunday (I even picked up a zester! Yes, I did) but after that I might have to resort to generic freezer berry muffins. Yum, how tasty does that sound?

Saturday, we have the last Smithee Viewing for the ’04 clipping season, hopefully (TheMan says he’s good to go, but you gotta be leery of a intestinally sick guy saying “good to go”) and then we have Sunday to do Sunday things. Maybe head on out to Dirge and Shar’s place? Maybe be lazy butts? Maybe put in a TUB (assuming I get the oil filter off the truck this weekend) and lay some time? Maybe dig out my gardens? Dunno! Tune in Monday to see what actually went down.

Is it time to go home yet?

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