Weekend Smugness?

Bonjour campers, welcome to a Monday weekend blathery.

First off, I can with confidence say that I remember what I did on Friday. We came home, we ordered out (Chinese) and then I took a nap until midnight at which point I dragged my lazy carcass out of bed to work out. I might have also played some Farmville on Facebook. What? I had crops and a cow to attend to!

Farmville is the perfect game for the OCD inclined. I’m having a ton o’ fun boogering around with my farm but maybe the charm wears off after a bit. I’m still in the designing stages of my plot o’ land.

Saturday was Wasem’s day so LunarGeography and I headed out for donuts and wine fixins. TheMan and I gifted mumses and Mr. Paul with a wine of their choice and since they chose plum and the plums were in, I picked up a peck (of purple plums). I also picked up 5 gallons of cider plus a half gallon for general drinking which sort of made the cashier’s eyes pop. He was mollified when I told them we were making wine and he even seemed interested. BTW, donuts were also purchased in case you were thinking the list looked a little thin. Even with 2 people, plums and cider enough for wine making is a bit much to juggle so we opted to make it a two transaction run and went back for donuts once the truck was loaded with the fruits. Sadly, they did not have cherry donuts or pumpkin donuts (I was told the pumpkin recipe needs work and when they perfect it there will once again be pumpkin donuts). Another Wasem’s run this fall will be in order!

LG and I then went on our usual Saturday morning walk which wrocked. Two accomplishments in one day and the list goes on! I was a productive thing I was. TheMan and I prepped the plums and chucked them in the freezer for when a carboy is ready, which TheMan then got to work on. Hmmm, I guess I should add that the plums are chillin (HA!) until we get 2 carboys prepped because the cider has first dibbs but that should be fairly soon since I believe one or possibly all of them downstairs are ready to be bottled.

Not to disappoint, there was indeed some Warcrafting this weekend. We did a little bit of a 10 man raid which went well from all accounts (I think we’re the second team or something. Sort of the red shirts of the guild) and then I tanked a mid level heroic with much success. I was asquee because it’s the first time I’ve ever tanked anything for real and we only wiped once. WOOOO! I’m pretty poorly geared for tanking too and I have NO idea what the button sequence should be (I make up for skill with fantastic button mashing 5ki11z. Try me at Tag Team Tekken, I’ll make you cry like a little girl) but I did it! It also helps that my team mates dish the DPS and know what they are doing and are geared like Warcraft gods but that’s not the point!

Sunday we sorta loafed about. There was some shopping (big ball of HATE for Michael’s and their not having the yarn I want to buy. I couldn’t find the grease pencils either so PAH!) and attempt #2 at Aztec brownies. I think we’re much closer to an actual recipe so perhaps this weekend I’ll experiment with what I hope is the final thing. Thai Chili oil was too savory and smoky and I think I overshot the cayenne / cinnamon amount by an order of hot. Close though, the third time is going to be the charm. I can feel it!

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