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Do you know what I love about September? No ‘Days I’ve posted for ever throughout history at the booniverse’. You may have noticed the slacking this month (especially you JSFR junkies. ACH! I am way so far behind! I will try and make it up to you this week) which…whatevs. I’m taking mini hiatuses. (You know, haitusi looks much cooler. I think I’m going to change the plural of hiatus to haitusi.) This will, no doubt, come bite me on the ass long about NaNoBlowMe month which comes right before ‘why the hell did I start a “thing” and vow to write every day in December’ month. At least the Junkies will be kept happy with two months of double weekend reviews.

Anyway! Weekend. I was extraordinary lazy as well as nicely productive. I should have done some photography of the last August (argh!) JSFR but I did not. I also did not kill anyone in a homicidal rage brought on by…space gnomes or something. Might as well have been, I was A!N!G!R!Y! for no apparent reason other than just being angry. I hate that, so I had to put me down for a 4 hour nap. It worked wonders but I lost a lot of weekend.

Friday night I do believe we went brew pubbing. We like us some brew pub. Afterwards I took a nap and then worked out around 11 or midnight. 83 days and counting on the work-out-o’ meter babE! I really ought to schedule a better workout time (yeah yeah, mornings are better blah blah AT LEAST I’M DOING IT cakes) but whatevs. I’m feeling mighty cocky with my bad ass 83 days of working out self. Booyaw. TheMan noticed that my arms are shaping up so there’s another sign for my hard work. I just wish it didn’t take 2.5 months to show…I want results now!

I also want a brownie.

Cooking! I did some but did not make any brownieage like I had planned. I may have made some caramel sauce and I definitely made a pork roast. The roast came out tasty (thank you internets!) and the caramel sauce came out but I’m skeptical of the recipe. I did not finalize the Aztec Brownies recipe so there will be no recipe posted this week unless I get jiggy with meals, in which case I will have something to post (BTW, still going strong with the not eating sweets Mon-Thurs.).

I think this is an SAST entry because I’m now going to tell you about my Warcraft SQUEEE! It’s Brewfest again (WoW (the game) holiday) so we gathered up a posse and did the Brewfest dungeon thing. Everyone was looking for the special rare pony to drop and lo! It did for our group! And I won the roll! I GOT A SPECIAL PONY! Then I noticed my egg thing was ready to open up (takes 8 days and has a large chance to hatch slimy yolk, a small chance to hatch a vanity pet, or rarest of all, a minuscule chance to hatch a PONY!) so I opened it up and lo! It was the rarest drop of A PONY! SQUEEE!

We also did a huge 25 man raid (Uldaman? I never know, I just show up and do my healing thing) and…well…the loot is awesome but the bosses really are the only ones dropping the cool stuff and they only drop 2-4 pieces. With 25 people, 4 different types of armor and 2-3 kinds of different types, the odds of actually getting a piece is slim. Meanwhile, each boss kills the party at least once and that’s 10 gold a death and the trash mobs have crap money on them. The big 25 man raid cost me 150 gold in repair bills and nothing dropped for me this time out. Conversely we did a speed run through a 10 man raid (Naxx) and I got a ton of gold plus there seemed to be more loot drops. I’m not feeling the love for the 25 man raids.

2008: JSFR: Balance Power (zenryu)

2007: I, on the other hand, am totally all about teasing my sis so I yoinked that pic and slapped her happy cross-eyed baby butt up on teh internets for all to see.

2006: Boss loot tables suck.

2005: I mean look, no updates.

2004: My nap was punctuated by short bursts of “Yieeee!” and “Ouch Damnit!” and “Gahhhh!” along with some longer “AiiiAiiiAiiiAiii”s and a few “GoddamnitsonofabitchPOLENTAfucker!”s, all of which made trying to nap quite a challenge.

2003: 25 man blogs are not all that.

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  1. Bubbles Says:

    omg YAY for your PONIES!!!!! I think they upped the drop rate of the Brewfest ponies a bit because I and a lot of my guildies got them. I don’t think we’ve seen the Brewfest Waddling Prehistoric Dinosaur Ponies drop though.

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