A day in the life


I was bored and was feeling artsy.

See? Artsy.

Wait, I can’t quite make that out. Ahhh, I see. Artsy. By the way, this is our new storage unit of small appliance holding and it is actually that fuzzy in real life. No, it is! Really. OK, so maybe it’s a tad less romantic than I am making it appear but just don’t think about that now and marvel at the thereness of all our small appliances.

Except the toaster. Never mind about the toaster.

Tuna glop. It’s what’s for dinner. I make a mean tuna glop, which consists of tuna, some sort of soup, some sort of soup sucker (noodles or rice usually), and veggies. This iteration of glop was not bad even though it cooked for an hour and a half. The fork at the bottom of the oven only cooked for an hour. Yeah, don’t ask about the fork either.

The Little Kitty? She don’t give a fork.

How could she? She has no thumbs!

TheMan occupies himself with artistic endeavors and wonders when dinner will be ready. I tell him to stick a fork in it.

It’s about forking time! We watched the last episode and will never EVER have to sit through Season 4 again, or at least not until we decide to watch X-Files start to finish a second time. I’ll lay down money that I complain about Season 4 just as much then too.

Here is the Joy that is following a recipe.

And then there is Betty.

Then again, you could be working from the Post-it Pumpkin Pie recipe. That’s what I’m talking about, no frills, no filler just your ingredients, a temp and a time. Hmmm! I just now noticed this but apparently this pie has no crust. I also have no idea what those squiggles at the top of the Post-it are about. Maybe they are the magic squiggle lines that produce the crust for this recipe.

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