SPACE LAW and Other Misc. Work Stuff

SPACE LAW! You have to say it with reverb.

How about a throw away entry for today? Good? Good! Ima gonna call it top 5 awesome things about where I work.

Awesome 1: SPACE LAW! OK, not really except this fella was really swank. It’s a looseleaf deelie but unlike a lot of other looseleaf deelies this is printed on glossy magazine paper and has swank SPACE PLASTIC leaf end things (what are those doohickies that go between the cover and the real pages to protect them? Whatever those are, SPACE LAW had plastic whatsits which was really cool. I kept peering through them every time I opened another volume to file and hollering SPACE PLASTIC!) Most looseleafs are printed on onion skin thin paper because, I assume, it’s cheap and you are replacing pages all the damned time so why go to the expense of glossy? Not SPACE LAW!

Awesome 2: Architecture.


Nuff said.

Awesome 3: I work underground but there is a HYOOJ slanted two story window of ginormousity at one end so it doesn’t feel like we work in a hole. It’s pretty awesome when it rains buckets cuz there’s a two story flat river that runs down the window well. Snow is cool too and occasionally people like to throw stuff in the window well so after a big football game it’s always interesting to see what has been chucked. Last year someone got two inflatable pool sharks and strung them up suspended over the window well which wrocked.

Awesome 4: Bennes. The U wrocks the bennies yo. Seriously. Best 403b plan ever in the history of ever except for any place that pays you to stay home and booger around for the rest of your life. That would be the ultimate in bennes but I have yet to find the corporation who will float that. Until I do, the U is where it’s at.

Awesome 5: We generate scrap paper like a mofo, which would be kinda bad and wasteful if the print shop wasn’t willing to pad it up for me for free. Repurposed scrap paper FTW! I have scrap pads to last me through the dark times so come the apocalypse, see me for writing paper.

2008: Lazy and not updating.

2007: Why let a good lazy go to waste?

2006: Because the way I see it, if you have a lazy you really ought to ride it out for as long as you can.

2005: And did I not say Wasem’s was at the corner of dirt and dirt?

2004: PSYCH! I posted (but not here).

2003: Or here either.

3 Responses to “SPACE LAW and Other Misc. Work Stuff”

  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    I have a 403b too! Yay, us!

    If you ever have extra scrap paper lying around, please think of me! I am almost through all of Amy’s stuff that she gave me last year. Those little buggers go through scrap paper like it’s grown on trees. Oh, wait.

  2. boo Says:

    Heh, I am up to my eyeballs in scrap paper. I can give you the half box I’ve collected already which was sitting around waiting to become Smithee ballots. Then I discovered the reclass project generates scratch paper faster than I can!

  3. TeacherPatti Says:

    Cool…you rock!

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