They Didn’t Have a Ram’s Skull So We Made Do

Monday is teh suck people. Of course if I always had Monday off then Tuesday would be teh suck so I suppose the day is worth slogging through if only to get it done with. Still. Ugh!

Heh, September posting wrocks. I’m still loving the freedom of not having to post least I miss one of those every days of the booniverse. I also don’t post a lot do I? Coincidence? Hmmmm! I’m going to be hurting come October and definitely November. Memes? Picto-blogs? I may have to resort to such shenanigans because you can only have so many Monday posts. (I guess that would be one a week technically).

This weekend! Let me tellz you about it. Friday was pretty boring so I’ll just skip it over with a quick NAP, WOW (THE GAME), CHINESE FOOD FOR DINNER. There, painless. Still don’t yet have all my Brewfest achievements in Warcraft but there’s another week to go. Plenty of time.

Saturday we did no organized Warcraft, although we played a little in the morning. Instead we went out to eat dinner at the Brewpub with a couple of TheMan’s coworkers and then we sauntered over to EMU for the debut of a film TheMan was in. Cool no? He did some voice-over work for an indie flick called Edenwood and personally I think he was the best part about the film. I am also incredibly biased so perhaps I’m not the best authority on that topic. The rest of the film that he wasn’t voicing over kicked much heiney and was funny to boot so those parts are worth a look see too. Heh. They also played 2 shorts beforehand which were amazingly funny. Next time I play Rock-Paper-Scissors I’m totally throwing octopus.

After the screening they all met up at the Brewpub so we went back and hung out some more. I love me the Brewpub!

Sunday was pretty much the same old. I made Aztec brownies again but this time with less pepper and cinnamon. I’m not sure if this is THE formula but it’s awfully close. Perhaps close enough to post…we shall see.

In other news of stuff that is lurking about, I’m still going strong on the exercise thing. Three months solid come Wednesday which…woot me! I’m undecided what to do for October and fitness so I might just stay pat. Perhaps I will think about being a tad more reasonable on the weekends in terms of junk food, perhaps not. I have a couple days yet to finalize my healthy thoughts. Ooooo! I just remembered that the NordiTrak has a tension bar thing. Maybe I should up that a tad? That sounds like doing something to forward the cause without really doing anything much at all. Hmmm!

As for the Read Some Damned Books Initiative, I’m almost up to 30 books read this year. Krazy! I had the Grad pull me some more books recently and I also might have gone shopping. What? A well read person is something whatever AWESOME!! I haven’t decided if I’m going to add on to the read some damned books and try in these last remaining months of 2009 to finish off all the Hugos awarded since I was born. Or is that just too much? Wait, I just counted them all up and there are 25 I haven’t read in that time frame. I think I’ve just voted “too much” for that project. Next year, Hugos. Next year.

I need to start experimenting with the cooking again, it’s getting on towards soup weather!

2008: JSFR: Kanro Non Sugar Coffee Sankan

2007: Cats love to help with homework, especially the writing part. Or more accurately, the end of the writing part. That is waving around. AND MUST BE CONQUERED!!!!!!!!

2006: Oh, the truck stopped, eventually, but only after I about put my foot and the break pedal through floorboards.

2005: What can one possibly make that needs 11 ham hocks? That’s almost three pigs (I think).

2004: I made the executive decision that I wasn’t going to be out washing if there wasn’t going to be any nice. There wasn’t, I didn’t end of story.

2003: No updating back then.

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