10 October Things

October? Really? Daaaaaaaaaaang.

Here’s 10 random October things because I feel like being all randomy. And 10.

OCTOBER 1: I continued my working out trend to include all of September. That’s 92 days worked out so far. I think I’m going to go easy for October and adjust the Norditrack a touch (half a resistance increment up) and apparently up some of the weights. I forgot how much weight I had for the rotator cuff stuff I was doing so I guessed 15 pounds. That felt light so I popped it up to 20 pounds. That felt like moving mountains which had me confused because you can’t increment any smaller than 20 from 15. I decided to keep it tough anyway because…errr…there was a reason somewhere in there. I’m also doing the rest of my lazy workout at 30 pounds but I kinda ootched up to that by the end of September. I’ll keep with the eating plan of 4 days no sweeties and no excess snacky-munchie things and drinking lots of water. What day is Halloween anyway? I hope it’s a sweetie day!

OCTOBER 2: GODDAMN it’s cold people! Brrrr-r-r-r-r-r-r. I had to go rummaging for a comforter and an extra blankie. I still sleep with my socks on every other day or so CUT IT OUT COLD!

OCTOBER 3: The garden is about done. It was quite a bit more of a failure this year than last because something has taken a shine to my hot peppers. I have no idea what, but my hot peppers all have little munches taken out of them. Somewhere there is a raccoon or a squirrel with cahones the size of Cleveland. Do not mess with this critter, it’ll cut you. Seriously. On the other hand, the random hot peppers I planted behind the house are doing quite well. I may plant them in the same place next year or perhaps integrate them with the fern garden.

OCTOBER 4: OooOOooo! Oriental Trading Company sent out its Halloween catalog. I need to go rummaging in the tetris closet and pull out the Halloween decorations this weekend. HALLOWEEN!!!

OCTOBER 5: Since the weather has decided it’s definitely becoming fall, I think a souping is in order. I’m also running low on stock but not carcasses. Hmmm! A weekend of making stock will certainly keep the house warmer no?

OCTOBER 6: Good news! (Every time you do your dishes) The Condo peeps have figured out their financial straights and have gotten the ball rolling again on the closings and whatnot. The albatross what is my condo should, barring some hereto unforeseen catastrophe, be divested of my person and happily ensconced in the loving arms of its new owner very soon like. Oh the squee!

OCTOBER 7: Anybody have any extra house work gnomes? I could use a few.

OCTOBER 8: The read some damned books initiative is going really well this year. I’m on book 31 which is interesting but…has some integrity issues. It’s really hard to relax and read without fear of pages going skittering all over the place so I think it might take me a bit to finish it off. So far I’m liking the story but the book is so fragile I have to read it at a table in order to keep the pages wrangled. I’ll take a pic one of these days just so you can see the craziness.

OCTOBER 9: I am way far behind on JSFRs and my pathetic little stash isn’t exciting me very much at all. Someone decided to buy “odd” things rather than “tasty fast review” things. One of these ‘odd’ things is related to Zap Pusit. I’m a little scared of that one.

OCTOBER 10: I need to hunt up some fun fall recipes to try. It’s been a while since I posted any recipes hasn’t it?

2008: I get a serious case of Maglight drool whenever I have to do anything with both hands and hold the flashlight in my mouth. Yuck.

2007: “Look guildie, I’m old and I need a little bitty quiet time now MmmKay? Thanks”

2006: Whut?

2005: JSFR: Milk Caramel

2004: My second surreal was early this morning when a coworker popped a head into my office (her own head, not someone else’s).

2003: I even want to stop at the squash table, pick up a wiggy looking squash and say “What the hell is this?!??”

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