So yeah. Cold? We still has it. I was using the cat as a hand warmer the other day since the AC units didn’t make it out of the windows (damned rain!) so the heat still isn’t on. The cat was not so happy to be pressed into impromptu mitten service. Ungrateful little furry hot water bottle. Why are they so warm then if you aren’t supposed to pick them up and use that warmth to thaw out your frozen appendages? I ask you!

Friday TheMan and I were going to be all fiscally responsible and whatnot so we fixed ourselves a boring meal in, but then Rob called. Rob was bored and the brewpub was just around the corner so we went out anyway. Did I mention that they were having an Oktoberfest celebration? No? Well it sort of snuck up on us too. We didn’t mind so much since the polka band was awesome and the guy bartender totally WROCKED the lederhosen. That man was built to wear an Oktoberfest outfit, let me tell you! The women bartenders were cute too in their floofy white shirts, overjackets, pigtails and Oktoberfest hats. None of them had on the traditional outfit skirt which was sad but practical. That place was packed!

We met up with StalkerPatti as well as two of her beer friends who turned out to be home brewer dudes as well. We sat and talked brew shop for a bit, which was fun. Plus, the whole night cost us about half of what we doled out at the extravagant gourd and we got way more beer. Mug club wrocks.

Saturday it rained so LunarGeography and I did no walking. Around noon though, we swung by and picked her up to attend a ‘bacon’ party which was also a UM/MSU game watching party. We did not know about the bacon part of the party, sadly, because TheMan makes the BEST cheddar bacon bread. We came, we had an excellent time, we ate bacon (and by the way, as weird as it sounds, a bacon, lettuce, tomato and peanut butter sandwich isn’t half bad. The weirdest part is that the tomato and the peanut butter go really, really well together. I can’t figure that out), we watched UM suck the suck of football and then we left. BrightOrange14 throws an excellent game day party.

Saturday night was Warcraft night which didn’t go as well as planned since not all the 25 people who said that they were going to come did so we couldn’t do a big 25 man raid. We boogered around a bit and did stuff. TheMan and I got an invite to the T/Th raid group, which was cool, but they already are full up on healers. Looks like I’m going to be tanking for a bit which…uuulp~! What’s a few wipes (or a hundred)? I’m sure I’ll get the hang of things eventually.

Sunday walking was back on and it was brisk. Did I mention that it’s cold out? Both LG and I were dragging too, even after the brisk walk, the caffeine, the sweety and the brisk walk back. I opted to pull out the big guns and took a nap (while doing laundry…proactive!). Mmmm, nap. Then it was time for Pizza House with Dagoski and Dr. Wife and then home for exercising. 96 days and rolling. I should do something way cool for day 100. Hmmm.

2008: Too cold to update.

2007: One should never spirit a spirit away from their happy ghostie place so I said he/she/it could stay.

2006: Fingers frozen…can’t type.

2005: Yes, preposting. That in itself might warrant a sign of the apocalypse.

2004: Wait, where was I going with this again? Got a bit side tracked. Back-side tracked to be exact. Heh.

2003: And the cats won;t let me use them as mittens!

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    I forgot to tell you about our expensive gourd (love the name!) experience. We had the cheese plate snack (Jeff wanted the meat but I knew it’d be all pork) ($13), split a pizza ($11) plus 4 beers…it wasn’t as expensive as what you had and the cheese snack was very good. It had some sort of veggie thingie with it…something w/ fennel. And olives. Mmmm.

    xxoo, StalkerP

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