And You Would Be…?

Hi there. Helloooooo? Yeah, over here. It’s me! Me…you know…Me, the boo that writes this blog? Yeah! That Me. Anyway, been a bit of cricketing going on here, save a JSFR (which you all know I write ahead of time because I’m way too lazy to write on the weekends) so I thought I’d stop in. You know, see what was going on, pick up the mail, water the plants, that sort of thing. Heh.

My excuse for Thursday through Saturday was raging stomach flu. Me and Mssr. Buckette were the best of friends for a few days there and when I was not kickin it up with the Buckette, I was lying prone trying to convince myself that yes, the human body CAN sleep 23 hours in a day. Uuuuugly. My excuse for Sunday through yesterday is, errrr, see, well-very important things! I was doing extremely urgent things. And such. OK, my excuse for Monday is that I had a total tired, cranky, been at work eight hours coming off of stomach flu and I just want to curl up in bed and sleep meltdown. Yikes, it was the most tired I’ve been in a long time. I felt like stomping around wailing in that thin worn out voice “But I’m tiiii-iiiiired! [stomp] I wanna go home! [stomp, stomp] I’ve been here for four hou-ours already! [stomp] *snivel* [stomp] I WANT GO BEDDY BYE!” Oi. Always embracing my inner two year old.

The rest of the days, I was a complete lazy butt, but what’s new?

Heh, the best part about all this is that I’ve already recapped the most of it. Yark, Snivel, Sloth and that brings us to Wednesday. Whooo.

Oooo! We did go over to mumses and Mr. Paul’s for dinner and puppy harassing and yes I have pics. But of course I do.

Obligatory cute pup pic number one.

Obligatory cute pup pic number two. Number one is my fave.

Sis and her husband were there too (whoo!) which was really cool. TheMan and I had no idea they would be coming and wala! There they were. I like my sis. Mostly. Heh. TheMan and I also picked up our pumpkins on the way (whoot) so we are set for the holidays. Sis taught Lucy to lie down, with the enhanced help of chicken weenie fingers and the pup was all about the gettin down flat in about fifteen minutes. Of course since Sis was the primary lesson giver with the tasty tray of training weenie bits, afterwards whenever anyone tried to get the pup to lie down, Lucy would haul off and lie in front of Sis. That amused me greatly. I think the next trick (Lucy can sit and lie down) might be BANG but turning around would be fun too. Sis is really good with dogs.

Sis is also really good with Grandmas. She sent off my G’ma a big bunch of roses, from the both of us just because. I think everyone who is past 80 should get a giant bunch of roses every now and then just because. Sis and I take turns sending stuff to G’ma from the both of us but Sis gets a really good deal on flowers so flowers often wind up down south for my g’ma to enjoy. I on the other hand, tend to send random cards and stuff. Did I ever tell y’all about the Halloween package I sent my sis just because? It had a stuffed bear dressed up like a cow (if I also haven’t mentioned this, Sis has a thing for cows) and I sent it out with a ton of candy. I do the same sort of thing for my g’ma (although I ought to do it more often) so I decided to send her some seasonal cheer in the form of a tin of those ghostie cookies Pillsberry makes. The ones where the dough is put together so that when you cut them wala! Ghostie in the center of the cookies. Yeah, those.

Anyway, so I hit Meijers to pick up a tin and some cookies to bake and send off. I was hoping for a cute Halloween tin but in reality two weeks before the holiday is slim pickins these days so I would have settled for any tin. Well, not only did Meijers not have any Halloween tins, they had no tins whatsoever! Well, no that’s not the total truth. They had one tin in their NEWLY SET UP CHRISTMAS DISPLAY. I am NOT going to send my g’ma Halloween cookies in a snowman cookie tin and TWO WEEKS folks. Geez, let Halloween have it’s fun before you stomp it flat with the Christmas. They also didn’t have any ghostie cookies either so my trip was a complete bust. Grrr.

Maybe I’ll make cut out cookies and frost them for G’ma.

Your moment of Zen: Lucy and the magic weenie finger.

Last year at the booniverse: Lookin for ghostie cookies back then too since there was no updating going on.

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