Quick and Easy Veggy Brat Chowder

I told you it was getting on time for a soupin.

16 cups stock
3-4 potatoes
1 onion (diced)
1.5 bags of freezer veggies
1 cup milk
1tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
5 brats

Bring stock to a mellow boil. Skin the potatoes, then peel/shred them into the stock. You will want to have thin bits of potato so that it breaks down easily. Gently boil the potatoes slivers for about 20 minutes, or until they start to break up. You can add the onions, pepper and salt at any point during the potato shreds boiling, we waited about 10-15 minutes in. Whisk the potato slivers until the mixture becomes thicker and chowdery.

Broil brats, then cut them up into soup sized pieces. After potato shreds have dissolved, add brats, veggies and milk. Let simmer another 20 minutes.

Easy Peasy! Granted, you have to have prepared stock ahead of time or had the foresight to have some canned or boxed/bottled stock on hand but in the Q house this is not a problem. The stock du jour was chicken but veggy or turkey would also serve well. You might even want to try ham stock, but I’d add some beans to the mix if you do. I’m not sure how beef broth would work ā€“ it seems a little heavy handed for primarily veggy chowder ā€“ but that’s what ‘sperimenting is all about!

We actually used 2 potatoes and the chowder wasn’t as chowdery as I had hoped. I think 3 potatoes would do the trick, perhaps 4. Or maybe adding cream instead of milk (we went with 2%).

Freezer veggies! Yeah, this is the cheater method to souping/chowdering but what can you say? I wanted to make a fast soup and fast soup = freezer veggies. I used one of the smaller bags of generic mixed veggies (carrots, green beans, peas, corn, lima beans, possibly broccoli) and half a small bag of broccoli florets. Basically any assortment of veggies will do but if you want to cook them from scratch, add your carrots and taters with the onions and pop your more perishable veggies in about 20 minutes before the soup is done. I’d also add about 20-25 more minutes of simmering time if you are cooking raw carrots and taters into the mix.

Our brats were beer brats. I don’t know if that flavored the chowder extremely differently than regular brats would have and quite frankly I can’t really taste it. Still, you might want to experiment with spicy brats or even no brats at all just to shake things up.

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